Updated: 24th August 2018.

Choices matter games are hardly new to the industry, but the scope of some of the more recent games has really put them on the radar of more gamers.

As a game genre it’s rising in popularity all the time, and so there’s no shortage of people out there looking for more good choices matter games.

    Top 11 Choice Based Games 2018:

  • 11.

    Hard Rain

  • Hard Rain is an ambitious Sony Exclusive that’s available for the PS3 & PS4. You play a number of different characters who are all involved in investigating the case of the mysterious Origami Killer.

    How you do this, who uncovers the truth, and who survives all comes down to the choices that you make. The story can change dramatically based on that, so there’s countless hours of gameplay that we’re sure that we’ve never even experienced.

    The one downside to this game for us was that the controls just don’t match up to other games in the genre, while the story is brilliant, the gameplay is difficult to learn and that means we can’t recommend it as highly as other games that feel more refined and natural to play.

  • 10.

    Mass Effect 2

  • mass effect 2 review

    Mass Effect 2 is another older game, but the fact that it’s an FPS game really drew us in as early fans of this game. There’s so many choices to make, and everything you do effects the story.

    There was really no comparison to this game when it came out, it really felt like it re-defined FPS games for us, and we’ve never quite been satisfied with meaker FPS single-players since.

    It’s a game you’ve got to play to appreciate, and despite the fact it’s dated it still holds up strongly enough in our minds to be given the nod for this list.

  • 9.

    The Witcher 3

  • The Witcher 3 is a great game, but there are hundreds of choices to make that can either lock or unlock parts of the story. This is much like Bethesda’s Fallout games and Elder Scrolls series. Except we feel that overall The Witcher 3 does this better.

    While Bethesda seem to be masters at giving you the illusion of control, The Witcher 3 truly allows you to craft story lines and moral implications of the choices you make.

    For fans of RPGs and more open-world action & adventure titles this game is simply unmissable.

  • 8.

    Quantum Break

  • quantum break review

    Quantum Break doesn’t get a lot of attention, which is a shame as this game is truly one of the best in the genre. It has stunning graphics, and the choices aspect really grows as you get into the game.

    It is a slow starter, but if you’re a fan of Life Is Strange or Beyond: Two Souls you’ll feel intimately familiar with this game and the way it uses time and action to great effect.

    Part game and part action show, the game is akin to a lot of games in this genre, except it negotiates the two with extreme ease. Rather than just being one or the other. It’s a lot like Hard Rain in that sense, except it’s executed better!

  • 7.

    Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 1 & 2

  • These games are pretty old now, but they were some of the first to really capture our imagination in terms of the choices matter mechanics.

    If you’ve ever wondered whether you’d be a Sith or a Jedi, these games will test you in every sense. The decisions you make will not always be easy, the friends you choose will sometimes test your loyalty and more importantly the way the game ends is down to you.

    For anyone that’s a fan of Star Wars and loves choice-based games, these games are must-haves if you don’t mind the dated graphics. There’s a lot of combat in the game, and it plays like an MMORPG (think WoW) except its  single player.

  • 6.

    Always Sometimes Monsters

  • always sometimes monsters review

    Released in 2014, Always Sometimes Monsters actually beat Undertale to the punch as a top indie choice based game.

    In this game your goal is to be reunited and win back the love of your life, life has fallen apart around you, and the choices you make from starting at rock-bottom will change the direction of your life. Where do you go from here?

    Lots of character interaction that’s where!

    Every interaction, every action – these choices forever impact the future, dictating the way that people treat you, the way your treat others and whether your life is a success. Always Sometimes Monsters masterfully allows you the be the master of your own destiny, giving you moral choices to make where there’s not always a black and white answer.

    The game deserves more recognition than it gets, and that’s why we’ve put it at 6th on this list among a lot of strong competition. We highly recommend this game to anybody who wants to play great choice based games that are strong on narrative and moral implications.


  • 5.


  • Undertale is one of the best examples of an indie choice based game done right. With so much crazy stuff going on, you’d be forgiven for forgetting this game is centered around choices right from the get go.

    You can kill or spare the creatures you come across in your quest back to the surface. These actions will change the game in small and large ways.

    The game isn’t very old by any means, and is already considered a classic by fans of this genre.

  • 4.

    Until Dawn

  • until dawn review

    Until Dawn is another Sony Exclusive title that’s currently only available on the PS4. Set in the Blackwood Mountains your job is to survive the horror that is to come.

    Playing as multiple different characters in the game, you’ll have no shortage of choices that effect the relationships of the group, as well as many split second decisions that can keep you alive, or result in the death of the character or the characters with them.

    The game is so easy to get into, with stunning CGI graphics and voice acting provided by real actors and actresses. It’s easily one of our favorite choices-matter games!

    Ultimately you just need to play this game to experience it and see if you can help as many of the group as possible survive ‘Until Dawn’. It was hard to put this in at fourth because it’s one of the most entertaining choices matter games we’ve played recently.

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  • 3.

    The Walking Dead

  • The Walking Dead games by Telltale Games are what launched these famous developers into the hearts of hundreds of thousands of gamers. The game adapted from the TV Show / Comics does a wonderful job at capturing the madness of the walker-infested world.

    Split choice decisions can mean saving your friends, or losing them. While the bigger decisions you make can affect things much further into the game, and even into future games. What you do will always have big repercussions and it’s why this game is so loved by fans of the genre.

    There are a number of other Telltale Games titles that are worthy of this list, but we think that their flagship game is really the one that deserves a spot on this list. We also made a list of the best games like the walking dead for you to check out.

  • 2.

    Life Is Strange

  • life is strange review

    Life Is Strange is one of our favorite choices matter games ever, while the story will invariably end up with you having to make a final choice that every player will experience, the story that gets you there can be vastly different for every player.

    Who will you believe, who will you save? How will your actions change the lives of those around you, and the town of Arcadia Bay at large? That’s how ambitious the game is, and it does it masterfully to create a truly moving story that’s enjoyable for most fans of this genre.

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  • 1.

    Late Shift

  • Late Shift is kind of a surprise inclusion on this list for our regular readers, and with good reason – we only just got done playing it!

    A 2017 game, Late Shift developed by Wales Interactive is like a Full HD movie that plays out before your eyes. With choices at every juncture, this movie becomes your own unique story.

    This live-action crime thriller is one of the best examples of a game where choices matter done simply, but with an exceptional outcome. We think the game deserves to be number one on the list because fans of this genre will enjoy this game regardless of what their personal preference is.

    If you usually prefer an indie feel like Life Is Strange, or Sci-Fi such as SWKOTR, this game has mass appeal and that really sets it apart from a lot of the games in the genre.

    Can you survive and prove your innocence? You’ll just have to play it to find out if you’ve got what it takes!


The choice-based game genre is only growing in popularity, and we’re sure there’s bound to be many more games released in the next few years that change our list considerably.

It was hard to make a list of just 11 titles, but realistically even the most dedicated gamers don’t have time to try dozens of new games.

We’ll be updating the page periodically so be sure to check back for more top choices-matter games.