Four Player co-operative games have come a long way, and while the genre is currently somewhat underappreciated we believe that it’s still one of the best types of game.

Playing with friends is what makes gaming fun, and being that Steam was a huge part of popularizing this kind of game it’s about time we covered it in more detail.

    The Best Four Player Co-ops On Steam:

    Granted it feels like this genre had it’s heyday, or should we say payday? Many years ago, but it’s still a massively popular genre of game among a lot of gamers, and truthfully some of the games that were made during it’s reign-supreme are classics in the gaming world regardless!

    So without further adieu, let’s get going!

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    Dungeon Defenders

  • dungeon defenders review

    Dungeon Defenders is a free-to-play four-player co-op game that you can download on Steam. The basic premise of the game is that you and three friends or allies need to setup the defenses of progressively difficult and large dungeons.

    Initially, you start off in a small dungeon just defending against a few handfuls of enemies. Even for a low-level player, this is more than easy enough to manage. Once you’ve grabbed a bit more gear and leveled up a few times it’s easy to progress on to the next dungeon.

    The game still has a pretty active player base, as the follow-up game sucked. However, the game isn’t what it used to be. Unfortunately, the developers seemingly got carried away by the overwhelming success of the game early on, and this meant that the game has become over-complicated in some aspects.

    With that being said, if you have some friends you want to play with, the game is a great one to have a go at. Especially since it’s free!

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    Payday 2

  • is payday 2 any good?
    Choosing between Payday: The Heist and Payday 2 was quite tricky. We’ve simply picked this one because we felt like it was just as good as the original in terms of content, while improving the overall gameplay.

    In Payday 2 you and your buds are tasked with performing various heists, where it gets tricky and fun is getting away with it. You need to perform various tasks in order to first get the loot, once you’ve grabbed the loot you need to fight your way out and make your way to the rendezvous / extraction point.

    It sounds simple, but it’s anything but. You need to use all of your skill to make it out alive and get your share of the cut. Not only this, but teamwork is a huge must which is what makes it one of the best four player co-op games out there.

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    Left 4 Dead 2

  • left 4 dead 2 review synopsis
    Left 4 Dead 2 is an actual Valve game, so it’s readily available on Steam and it’s often on sale. The game is essentially the follow-up to the original, critically acclaimed game ‘Left 4 Dead’, where you fight your way across a map from safe room to safe room while facing the various zombie hordes and specials you’ll encounter.

    In the second game, you’re introduced to four new characters, all of which are pretty hopelessly stupid unless they’re played by a friend or another person with a brain. Generally the game is a lot of fun, especially since in the second game they introduced more special zombies to keep you on your toes, along with melee weapons which everyone wanted in the first game.

    There’s still a huge player base on the game, and while you’ll never find it hard to find team-mates to play with. It is a little harder these days to find players who are good at teamwork. That being said, it’s still a great game. Especially if you can find some friends to play it with.

    There’s also a huge modding community behind the game, constantly creating new weapons, campaigns and maps to keep content fresh. We still play it pretty frequently, and it was until very recently the best co-op game ever made in our opinion!

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  • What do you get if you combine Minecraft with Left 4 Dead and Dungeon Defenders? Fortnite.

    Fortnite is basically the best god damn four player co-op ever made. Pitting you and three other players against the undead. And OK this isn’t on Steam, but it’s too good to ignore!

    As you build up your base with the loot and resources you find, you need to protect your base as well as yourselves against the hordes that come your way. As you build up your base, you’ll be able to build various different designs. You can stand all as one, or create areas that allow each of you to take control of defending a certain sector. When you’re spread thin, it’s ok, as you can craft traps to help you fend off the depraved minions that seek to destroy you!

    The artistic style of the game is extremely friendly, colorful and vibrant which is pretty much the opposite of a lot of ‘zombie games’.

    Fortnite is so much more than just a zombie game though, it combines a lot of different aspects of multiple genres to create a near perfect co-op game. While there are some aspects of the game that still aren’t perfect, they’re working on it, and the general gameplay is smooth and enjoyable.

    If there was any one game we could recommend on this list, then it’d have to be Fortnite. So check it out!

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In Summary

So there you have it, the best four-player co-op games available on steam, right now, right here. Don’t forget to share this article, or at the very least signup for our super-duper awesome mailing list.