Gaming trends and fads come and go, genres have their day in the sun before disappearing into obscurity again, but there are some that are evergreen, one of those genres is the always popular point-and-click games. If you had a browse online, you’ll know you’re not short for choice for point-and-click, in fact, it can be overwhelming with plenty of choices, but here are our favorites to help you narrow the field.

    Best Point-And-Click Games:

    We’ve sifted through hundreds of point-and-click games available right now, and we’ve cherry-picked out our favorites. We’ve tried to cover all budgets and pick out something for everyone.

    Most point-and-click adventure type games invite you to take the role of the main protagonist as you work your way through the adventure and solve the mysteries, normally with a strong narrative. Sometimes you might have a variety of different characters to play with, which can be fun, but you’ll normally only manage one at a time.

    For us, the story matters. It’s a mystery so sometimes less is more, but as the game allows the story to unfold, it has to suck you in. The graphics and the game engine matter, but only to give depth to the story. Here are our picks.

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    Gone Home

  • gone home pc review

    One of the most exciting games in the point-and-click genre, especially for those who really dig the exploration type game is Gone Home. As the protagonist, you find yourself returning to your family home (as Kaitlin) only to find the house is completely abandoned.

    You have no idea what’s happened, you roam the house, trying to figure what’s happened to your family, especially to Samantha, your sister (who also appears to be missing). It’s not a puzzle in the traditional sense, but rather a mystery that needs to be solved by putting together clues that are lying around the house, with specific clues filling in some of the narrative, and others that open up new areas of the house to explore.

    The feel of the house is so realistic and the story twists are so elegantly told that it just keeps drawing you in. The voice acting is perfect too. It’s one of the games, that has the graphics, feel and story all woven together effortless to great effect.

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  • myst game pc review

    Considered one of the greatest games, of all time, across all genres, Myst is so well liked it resulted in 4 sequels and a spin-off game. It’s almost the very definition of a point-and-click puzzle solving game.

    Set in a fantasy world, as “the stranger” you explore an island trying to uncover the secrets of a lost civilization. Yeah sure, it’ doesn’t use a 3D engine like a new game is likely to use because the original version was launched before such technology existed, but it doesn’t work to its disadvantage because it’s a classic game. The fact it’s vintage means it’s not expensive. If your budget is tight and you really want to experience a great point-and-click game that played a part in defining the genre this is your game.

    It’s difficult to tell you too much about the game, we don’t want to spoil the experience, but what gets us excited years after playing it for the first time, is that it’s the type of game that draws you in and won’t let you go. You’ll lose hours of your life, it will feel like a blink of an eye. It’s not the type of game you play, it’s a game that you experience.

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  • inside game pc review

    We often complain that game writers like to tell their stories, not show them. It can feel like overkill. We always get the impression it’s an ego thing, or perhaps they think the gamer isn’t the sharpest so they have to over-explain, but they’re missing a trick. Where’s the mystery if everything is laid out for you before you start?

    So, Inside have done the exact opposite, they’ve let the game do literally all the talking. There isn’t a single storyline in the whole game. It might sound a little uncomfortable, and it is, we have a tendency to want to understand everything, but trust us, it really works. The game cleverly tells the story of a mysterious “evil” place where humans have become mind-controlled slaves.

    They allow the story to unfold using just environmental clues, great audio, and superb animation. It’s so well done, you’ll be propelled through the game, without really having a grasp of what is happening, and you’ll finish after 4-5 hours having lived through the emotions of your faceless character. It’s the type of game that leaves you thinking about the game for days after. It stays with you.

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  • oxenfree game pc review

    The are some point-and-play games with wonderful graphics, that have not made this list. They have fantastic game engines, some amazing 3D worlds, they look and act the business. But they still aren’t on the list. Because we dig that side of a game, but it starts with telling a great story in a way the draws in the player, and Oxenfree does that better than most other games.

    The game takes place on a remote island controlled by something that’s definitely supernatural. They cause events to repeat and characters to temporarily lose control of their body. It’s creepy. The game is driven by the dialogue choices you make, which really works in driving the game, especially with the voice characters used who did a great job.

    It’s one of those games that is exciting from start to finish. The characters are teenagers, so the game does has a younger feel but it’s not just for youngsters, it’s for anyone who loves a great mystery point-and-click, especially if you’re into your fantasy games.

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    Valiant Hearts

  • There is an abundance of war games out there, it’s a huge niche. And World War I is a popular theme too. However, Valiant Hearts takes a very different approach. There’s more to war than collecting guns and killing the enemy, there is the human aspect, how war affects people’s lives and this game really explores that.

    It follows different characters including a German Soldier, who before the war, would call the French he’s fighting his friends, and a Belgium nurse, who is looking for her father, whilst saving lives. You must take these characters through the game, watching their stories entwine. Along the way, you’ll pick up “collectibles” that are based on real letters from people involved in the war, giving the game empathy and a makes it feel real.

    The game does so well, it makes you feel a bit sadistic for playing the run of the mill shoot-them-up, no matter how fantastic the graphics and gameplay is. But rather, it tells a story, wrapped in a mystery of real people affected by war. It’s nice to play something different sometimes. From developers who think outside the box, Valiant Hearts is a great game that brings something different to the table, and for that reason, it’s made our list.

    In Summary

    There are a lot of great point-and-click games, and it was no easy task to cherry pick our favorites. For us, it’s about the overall experience. The story, and how it’s told through the character. Sure, graphics and voices actors play a part in the storytelling, but they are not the defining factor.

    All these picks draw you in. You get absorbed in the plot, they’re clever and when we’re playing games we’re always looking for a different experience. These games don’t fail to deliver.