Release Date: 26 May, 2017.
Genre: Indie, choices matter.
Developer: Kyle Seeley.
Publisher: Kyle Seeley.
Platform: Windows, Linux.
Game Size: 100MB.
Average Duration: 4 Hours.
Official Site: Official site.

Emily Is Away Too is the sequel to the indie-hit Emily Is Away. A narrative driven, choices matter game where you are taken back to 2006, using AIM to chat with friends from your high school.

In the game you’re basically talking to two girls, Emily and Evelyn. Initially just as friends, but with the potential for more.

You’re typically given three choices to choose from as a response in the on-going convos. Once the convos have ended, time jumps forward to the next season or semester in your senior year. Culminating in prom and finishing high-school for good.

The game has a basic graphical user interface that is meant to remind you of the design and user-interfaces of apps and websites back in 2006/7.

You can browse songs on YouTube, and browse Emily and Evelyns ‘Facenook’ profiles. Learning important pieces of information about them along the way.

The relationships you have with the two girls is complicated, as clearly both begin to like you shortly after the first semester, and you’re left with a choice to make about who you want to pursue.

You can continue to flirt with both girls, but clearly there will be repercussions if you do. The way you talk to the two girls has real long-lasting effects, and it says as much about your character as a person as theirs.

It’s a game with a lot of moral implications throughout, and it’s genuinely a nostalgic experience for anyone who was using instant messengers like AIM, MSN or ICQ. For us being in our twenties now, it was a sweet journey back to our youth.

Emily Is Away Too is as much about the nostalgia of the design, the setting and the old-school songs and memes on show as it is the relationships. Which makes the game an enjoyable experience.

It only took us 3 hours to complete the game, so it’s a short experience and it does leave you wanting more. It’s best played through more than once, especially if you’re being a bit naughty as some of the potential endings really suck for you. But it’s probably no more than you deserve if you get them!

Overall, we wish this game was out back in 2006 so we could have got some perspective on our immature ways at the time, but that’s kind of the fun of it as well. Seeing how you’ve grown as a person and how you’d interact differently if you could step back in time.

The game is one of the most novel, and interesting games we’ve played in a while and we’d say it’s one of the best choices matter games compared to other games that take the same kind of time to play through.

The story is engrossing and it keeps you gripped, so don’t be surprised if you complete the game in one session. All we can hope is that this game gets another sequel, as a longer game with more people to chat with would be extremely pleasing.

If you play the game it’s hard to believe that you won’t be a fan and for the price it’s well worth the purchase. We hope you enjoyed our review of Emily Is Away Too – obviously with such a short game we don’t want to give away too much, but we highly recommend you give it a try!