Yet Another One Bites The Dust

We seem to be having no shortage of the so-called ‘gamer girls’ now after a lot of them have decided the perfect way to gain fame: by playing games in scanty clothes and streaming it on twitch or uploading it on YouTube. Obviously a lot of their streaming careers are short-lived, as twitch is no stranger to banning the ones who take it a step too far, and this time it’s one Nicole, otherwise known as KneeColeslaw, who was banned for ‘accidentally’ getting overexposed during a twitch stream.

The gamer decided to set herself the challenge of performing star jumps – with her viewers paying her a dollar for every jump she completed.

Although one might think that the wardrobe malfunction was a result of her top revealing a bit too much, but in fact it was her lack of underwear that got her banned, her tight choice of clothing making it quite apparent.

While she has been banned from the site, that doesn’t stop her from going to Hitbox and streaming her content, keeping her 25,000 twitter fans happy.