Are you a pervert? Woah, woah wait cochise! This is a safe place… Yeah, that’s right a total no-judgment zone.

In fact we want to help. So to give you a little bit of a fix, we’ve done ya ungrateful bitches a solid. Here’s our list of the best six games for pervs. Ya filthy animals!

    The Best Games For Perverts: *ahem*

    These games, well, some of them are pretty crazy. We give mad props to the mad developers who made them. We just can’t get enough of these games!

  • 6.

    Frisky Business

  • frisky business nsfw game

    Frisky Business is an anime style detective game, as Detective Falco Frisk your job is to unravel the mystery at hand that sends you spiraling through a mad world of killer clowns and bikini-clad ‘babes’.

    You can choose to be the righteous good detective, or as temptation comes your way, you can use succumb to your perv-like ways and get the girls. Sounds pretty much like a crazy story and that’s because it is!

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  • 5.


  • roommates game nsfw

    Another anime style game, Roommates is a visual novel with elements of consequences matter that fans of choices matter games will love.

    You get to play as either Max or Anne as they experience their first year at College. Experiencing everything that you would expect of a college-freshman to experience. Essentially you can find a job, go through the ups and downs of friendships and relationships. This dating-sim is probably one of the better dating sim games out there, and definitely perv-worthy.

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  • 4.


  • huniepop nsfw game

    HuniePop is a hilarious visual novel game that is again anime inspired (seems to be a recurring theme). Again there are big elements here that choices matter enthusiasts will love, while for the budding perverts out there, it provides plenty of ‘action’.

    For a game this is essentially designed to appeal to those who enjoy games that deliver the smut value, it’s surprisingly well done. The game has good voice-acting, a custom soundtrack with over 20 different tracks inspired by eastern pop, bosa nova and more. But of course the reason we’re interested in it is the pervy stuff, and yeah there’s a lot of that in it as you attempt to bed countless girls.

    The only downside to this game is there is a lot of puzzle elements in the game.

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  • 3.

    HunieCam Studio

  • huniecam studio

    HunieCam Studio is developed by HuniePot the same team that created HuniePop. In this game, however, the game is more of a traditional simulator game where you take control of and manage a cam studio.

    Perv factor through the roof, you get to control what ‘your girls’ do and who to hire and fire. If the girls aren’t performing you can tell them where to go, or egg them on to do more to make more money. The game is a lot of fun and if you enjoy HuniePop you’ll definitely love this game.

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  • 2.

    Porno Studio Tycoon

  • porn tycoon game

    While this game doesn’t have any sexually explicit content, it does take you behind the scenes to see how the porn industry is run from a business perspective. The game is incredibly feature rich for a sim game and there’s a complex economic model.

    There are many different locations in the game, you can shoot from rented apartments and piss off your neighbors, and hiring ‘actors’ for your movies can be an incredibly difficult challenge to get the right talent. Overall it’s as complex as a Tycoon game could get.

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  • 1.


  • house party game nsfw

    This game was censored after it’s release on Steam, but luckily there’s a patch you can get from the developer site to uncensor everything again. In HOUSE PARTY you start the game by walking through the door of a house party that’s already underway.

    The story is heavily directed by the choices you make, and there are various different endings you can produce. The game itself is meant to be replayed, so you can unlock different achievements and outcomes. Most of the choices are moral ones and can cut you off from alternative stories. So we do definitely recommend playing it through a few times.

    Plus of course, there’s a lot of nudity (provided you download the patch). The 3D models in the game make this hyper-realistic compared to other games on this list. The sexual escapades that go on in the party seem almost countless, so if you want a game that is very sexually explicit then this is the game for you! The developer really pushed boundaries with the game and we think the censoring of the game was pointless, as it shouldn’t matter if the platform is properly ensuring that only the right age-group buy the game! Regardless though, at least the developer provided the patch on the website to uncensor it again.

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In Summary

So there you have it, the best games for filthy perverts, all tied up in an innocent little bow.

Don’t go buying them all at the same time, people will think you’ve got a problem. And yeah, it might be bad for your health or something. IDK!

ANDDDD. Don’t forget to share this with your fellow creeps!