If you’re looking for the best games like Borderlands then look no further intrepid one. We’ve got you covered with our list of the top 5 that we’ve played, and being that we’re huge fans of the Borderlands games you can feel rest assured that these five are the absolute best out there if you’re looking for something similar to this cult-classic.

Borderlands is a three-part series of critically acclaimed games that reside within a unique genre. Of course, the game is part adventure, part RPG, and part shooter… But this doesn’t really do the games justice, there’s just something a bit special about the games that you can’t quite attribute to any genre mentioned. Not only this but if you’re a fan of the series then you will know that it’s incredibly hard to find anything quite like it.

Nonetheless, we’ve got a list of games here that might just put a smile on your face while you wait for what seems like an inevitable continuation of the series.

    Best Games Like Borderlands

    Not all of these games are what you’d expect to see, some are a little Triple-A while others are virtually unheard of… Trust us though, every single one of these games is an absolute GEM if you love Borderlands and want a game to play that’s going to really fit the bill for you!

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  • Similarly to Borderlands, Destiny provides players with a complex loot based system that allows you to deal with various threats in the game. The game is definitely a little more sci-fi inspired than Borderlands, and with the more ‘finished’ looking graphics, the style isn’t all that similar. Destiny may be more MMO while Borderlands is a little more RPG which is another thing worth noting.

    However the games share co-operative elements in the gameplay, with raids and in a sense, this means that true progression in the game is one of both individual skills as well as team play.

    While Destiny 2 is a more recent game, the focus on D2 seems to be more around the multiplayer player vs player competitive elements when compared to the original. Ultimately though the games both share a similar feel and enjoying both is almost guaranteed if you like one of the two.

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    Shadow Warrior 2

  • Shadow Warrior 2 is a weird, kinda crazy game that has a lot in common with Borderlands in this sense. SW2 is an open-world shooter that focuses on co-op play with up to 4 players total.

    Much like Borderlands, this game focuses heavily on including a wide variety of weapons and that’s actually taken even further by the fact that side-missions contain additional content that isn’t available elsewhere in the game. The same can be said of different areas of the map, making the game a lot more interesting than others in this kind of genre.

    The game is a lot of fun, and it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for something that takes itself less seriously!

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  • Bulletstorm has a real arcade feel to it, with crazy attack combos and an actual system that rewards you for more creative combative play. While it’s actually one of the older games on this list, it hasn’t stopped fans of the game from playing it even now. Much like fans of Borderlands!

    While there are more differences between these games than similarities, it’s the alt-world and almost steampunk inspired weapons that drew us in and we’ve got to say it’s actually a pretty fun game.

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  • FORTNITE is kind of the darling game of 2018 right now. Everybody and their Mom is talking about it, and even more, are playing it. While the games aren’t the most similar out there, the third-person action along with the wide variety of weapons and slightly more cartoon-ish style make the two games a great fit.

    As huge fans of the Borderlands games we’ve been playing this game pretty much non-stop and we’ve talked about it pretty extensively, both in our Fortnite Battle Royale Review and other guides for the game we’ve created on the site.

    While we accept not everyone is the same, we’ve got to say that anyone that loved Borderlands is probably going to love this game as well. There’s so much to do in this game, and while the world isn’t quite as open as in Borderlands (yeah, it’s probably not technically open-world at all) it still offers plenty of different maps and areas to explore.

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  • Defiance is probably one of the most similar games we’ve ever encountered to Borderlands that’s actually worth playing.

    It’s a third-person combat game with RPG-style elements that guides you through a quest that you must undertake in order to kick as much ass as possible. There is definitely a huge emphasis on co-operative play in some parts of the game, with certain scenarios you’ll encounter being just too hard for those of us who have mere mortal skill. Just like in Borderlands the game requires a delicate balance of strategy, skill and team work.

    One thing you might not know about this game is it’s actually adapted from a TV Show of the same name that used to appear on SyFy – so now you know, and you know it’s safe to assume this game is a sci-fi type game.

    Even though this game has gone under the radar for a long time compared to some of the other games on this list, it’s the one we’d recommend you try out with your friends if you’re heavily invested in finding the best game like Borderlands!

    In Summary

    Hopefully, we’ve given you some good ideas on what to play next. There’s a bunch of games like Borderlands in this list, and whether you’re looking for something as similar as possible or just something kinda similar then we think we’ve done a pretty good job at having your back.