We love RPGs and Diablo has always been one of our favorites here at Breech. It’s absolutely unbelievable how old this series is and that it’s still enjoyed by so many gamers around the world all these years on.

With the third installment being well behind us, it’s totally normal to be looking for alternatives to the Diablo series to tide us over until there’s a 4th game. Luckily we’ve been playing similar games for a while now and we’ve got a great list to share with you that should more than satisfy your game-crave.

    Best Games Like Diablo 1, 2 & 3

    Our list of games that are similar to the Diablo games is based on hundreds of hours of personally playing a huge number of games in the genre, and we think that these are the best games like Diablo that are available today.

    Being that Diablo is essentially a hack and slash RPG we’ll avoid obvious RPG classics like Baldur’s Gate and instead focus on the games that offer the most similar gameplay experience.

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    Torchlight II

  • torchlight 2 game review

    Torchlight II is a stylistic RPG that focuses more on the hack and slash elements than overall RPG value. It’s a top game that delivers a lot of high-octane action and what there is of the RPG elements are classic, essentially the game doesn’t reinvent the wheel here, but what it does do it does extremely well. Focusing on the basics and visuals, it’s a pretty unmissable title that’s a must play game for any fan of the Diablo series.

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    Victor Vran

  • Victor Vran is another great game that’s similar to the Diablo games. In terms of overall style we’d say it’s a lot more of a game like grim dawn. It adds a lot to the combat system that other games in this list don’t really have, dodging and jumping into areas to find new loot is a particular highlight.

    Generally though it’s just a solid game that’s worth looking into further for any fan of Diablo.

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  • is bastion any good

    Bastion is another action-RPG that offers huge amounts of entertainment value. Much like Torchlight II it focuses heavily on the visuals and artistic-style of the game.

    That being said, it’s got a very new and different style for a game in this genre. First of all, it’s not exactly top-down. It’s viewed via an isometric angle. There’s also a narrator that voices over as the game progresses, and while there is a huge amount of customization that you can do with your character in terms of the build-out… It’s still not quite the same as old-school action RPG games. There aren’t item drops, instead you collect fragments that allow you to level up and improve your gear at the end of each level.

    The level system is again different to a lot of these games such as Grim Dawn where you’re very much in an open-world that’s traversed via a quest system. All of that being said, Bastion is a fantastic game and as die-hard fans of the Diablo games we think you’ll enjoy it as an overall experience.

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    Realm Of The Mad God

  • is realm of the mad god similar to diablo

    I can hear you asking, ‘is realm of the mad god like diablo really?’. Simply, yes. It’s an action-RPG that’s focused heavily on the loot system, character development and progression.

    The catch? If you die, you start over. Oh and also it’s totally free to play. Making this game a no-brainer to try for anyone reading this list.

    There’s not a lot to say about this game overall except it reminds us of some of the older Diablo games. Obviously Realm of the Mad God has a pixel based graphic-style, so it’s not going to blow you away in that sense. Just the fact that there’s so much going on and it’s massively-multiplayer is a huge draw though. It’s like being thrown into any action-RPG where the stakes are infinitely higher and it’s 100x more dangerous.

    Couple all of this with the fact that you really need to learn to dodge, kite and engage and disengage enemies properly it makes it a game that’s easy to learn and hard to master. Just like any of the games on this list, and ultimately we think it’s utterly deserving of the 2nd place on this list purely for the fact that it’s old-school as hell, but with a novel and modern twist.

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    Grim Dawn

  • grim dawn rpg hack and slash game

    Grim Dawn is our top game in this list of games like Diablo. We think that Grim Dawn is perhaps one of the best ever RPGs in this genre of hack and slash, top-down style game. Inspired heavily by the series, the RPG elements are immense. The questlines are long, sending you traversing across the world and encountering various enemies as you go.

    You develop new skills as you go, loot new items and generally do all the good things that you’d expect of a game in this genre. What makes this game the absolute best in this list is the fact you can have a hybrid class, and just the sheer size of the game is enviable and rivals any other game in the genre.

    With the amount of different classes and the size of the game, there’s so much replayability in Grim Dawn which is similar to the Diablo games. When you play a game and you know that you’ll still be playing it in 2-3 years time and experiencing everything as if it’s new, you know you’ve got a top game and this is why Grim Dawn is so impressive to challenge worlds that have the scope of what Blizzard created with all of their games including Diablo.

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In Summary

Our list of games like Diablo has included some classics that fit the Diablo-mold perfectly, we’ve also included a few games such as Bastion and Realm Of The Mad God that combine the new with the vibes of some of the older games in the Diablo series. Ultimately as huge fans of the series ourselves, we think that there’s a game or two in this list for everyone to play and enjoy.

We hope you enjoyed the list, and if so don’t forget to share this with your friends and online amibros!