Don’t Starve is a survival adventure game which has attracted a cult-like following.

In this top five list of games like don’t starve we’ve found some real gems that we think you’ll enjoy if you’re a fan of the game.

    Top Five Games Like Don’t Starve:

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    Stardew Valley

  • stardew valley review

    Stardew Valley is like Don’t Starve in the sense that both of these games became wildly popular indie hits.

    Where they differ is in the general vibe of the gameplay, while in Don’t Starve there is a real sense of impending doom and danger at all times, Stardew Valley is different because it’s got more of a focus on building than anything else.

    The graphics are different, which also effects the vibe, with a full birds-eye view and pixel graphics, it does have a certain charm and style. The mood is one of hope and happiness, rather than fear and depression.

    In Stardew you inherit a small plot of farmland, which is overrun with weeds and in a state of disrepair. You move to the farm, and begin to restore it to working order.

    You need to manage your energy, and health as well as your farm though, and different seasons bring different challenges to your farm.

    There are a lot of NPCs in the game compared to don’t starve, which is no bad thing in our opinion. You can even form relationships, get married and have your NPC spouse move to the farm and help out.

    Overall this game is best for the builders among you who prefer a more chilled out experience.

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    The Long Dark

  • the long dark review

    In The Long Dark, you’re thrown into the Canadian wilderness with nothing but a few items you’ve found at the site of your plane crash.

    The weather is at first your biggest enemy, then hunger and then the wild animals that are just as hungry as you.

    This first-person survival game was one of the best we’ve played in the genre, and slightly edged out The Forest on our list, despite The Forest having more building elements.

    While The Long Dark doesn’t have the building elements of Don’t Starve, the game is alike in the sense that you definitely feel very vulnerable at all times. The game is tricky to master, and it’s going to take dying a few times before you get really good at it.

    Overall we highly recommend this game to those of you who enjoyed the atmosphere of Don’t Starve, as well as those of you who enjoy the challenge of having to survive in a harsh environment that will test your skill.

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  • terraria review

    Terraria is like some kind of insane mixture between Stardew Valley, Don’t Starve and Minecraft. Except it was released before all but Minecraft!

    The game is a 2D sandbox game, which allows you to build and change the environment much like in all the aforementioned games. There are many different biomes like in Don’t Starve and Minecraft where you’ll expect to find different creatures, good and bad.

    There’s an element of suspense in battles, and certain biomes. However it’s not nearly as heart-pounding as Don’t Starve is. It’s not wholly a survival game, more of a crafting, building and adventure game that’s styled like old SNES games of the 90s.

    Overall, Terraria is an interesting game that is perfect for those who like boss fights, dungeons and general adventuring with the option to craft and build as well. We’ve not played it a lot recently, but it’s still one of our favorite games to play with friends.

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    Oxygen Not Included

  • oxygen not included review

    Oxygen Not Included is most like Don’t Starve in the sense that it’s from the same developers, it’s an incredibly good game that’s taken the best bits of Don’t Starve and expanded on them.

    Like most of the games on this list, including DS the game’s map is procedurally generated, while the graphic style is most similar to DS out of them all.

    Instead of being in a fantasy world, full of evil hounds and generally nice pigmen, you’re instead part of a space colony.

    You are tasked with managing this space colony, you must make sure they have enough food to survive, you must search for resources, and research new technologies in order to build and craft new equipment which is vital for your colonies survival, expansion and ultimately ability to thrive.

    As you’d expect with Klei titles, this game isn’t as straight-forward as it seems, and there’s plenty of challenges to contend with.

    Overall we love the game, and it’s almost as good as Don’t Starve is, there are key differences though and if you’d prefer to play a straight up survival game where it’s you against the world, you might prefer some of the other titles on this list.

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  • minecraft review

    Minecraft is one of the biggest games ever, and it’s not surprising that the game pops up on this list. In a sense it was one of the first really good survival games to come from an independent publisher that became huge.

    The reason that Minecraft is like Don’t Starve isn’t so much down to the style of the game, though you can download different texture packs for minecraft to change the atmosphere, it’s more the survival and building aspects that make them alike.

    In Minecraft survival mode you have to find food, whether through foraging, hunting or farming. Shelter is almost equally important, but for different reasons. You need shelter in this game to save you from creepers, zombies, spiders and other creatures that go bump in the night.

    Night time on this game is almost as dangerous as it is in Don’t Starve. The suspense and fear of the night on this game, is most reminiscent to DS in our view. While weather isn’t as much of a problem, you can quickly run into trouble with lightning storms if much of your camp is built of wood.

    There’s lots of biomes, resources and caves to explore and collect just like in DS. Truthfully they’re very similar games that have achieved many of the same things in different ways. It’s not a coincidence that so many fans of Don’t Starve were also huge fans of Minecraft from the early days.

    One big advantage of Minecraft is the ability to build whatever you like, to build underground and above ground.

    Overall Minecraft is a classic survival and adventure game that you simply need to play if you haven’t, it also offers so many mods that it’s quite easy to tailor the game to your personal needs or find a good server which suits your style of play more.


These are the best games we could find that are like Don’t Starve, however we do want to give honorable mentions to both The Forest and Osiris: New Dawn which are respectively, both great games that fit the action survival billing.