Emily Is Away has a cult following, and if you’re reading this, you’re clearly a fan. We absolutely love Emily Is Away and love indie games as a niche, but from time to time, you want to play something new, something fresh!. So, we put our heads together and come up with our five favorite games that are similar to Emily Is Away.

    Best Games Like Emily Is Away:

    Finding a game like Emily Is Away is not easy, it was groundbreaking at the time of its launch. You’ll have to trawl through a tonne of games to spot those worthy of your time and money. We know because we’ve done it. But, rather than you wasting your time, we’re going to share out top five list with you. Enjoy.

  • 5.


  • cibele game review
    What we love about this, is it almost feels viral or a kind of reality tv. Its based on a true story, and you get to play and be part of that. It’s based on a story of a 19-year-old girl who has become close to a boy she met in an online game. A modern concept but definitely based on reality, most people under 30 years old, know someone who has struck up a relationship online that’s gone further than chatter.

    It’s a simple game, that doesn’t try to push the envelope technologically but feels very real and human. It’s storytelling at its best and one of the reasons why it has a cult following.

  • 4.

    Purrfect Date

  • purrfect date game review
    Tell a lot of people that it’s a cat dating game (like the name suggests) and their eyes are going to glaze over, but calling this game just a cat dating game is really not doing this game justice! The game has plenty of drama, adventure, mystery and humor, but liking cats helps!

    The plot has you working for the esteemed Professor Pawpur (I hope you like cat puns) on Cat Island, as a research assistant. Late one evening, you find yourself on the other side of the island, surrounded by aggressive cats with a weakening sickness that only seems to affect humans. After passing out, you wake up on a beach surrounded by cats, which you can now understand. The adventure begins.

    The game has three options to explore. You can choose to do the research projects, explore the island trying to find out what happened to you so that you can now understand cats. There’s a massive secret to uncover. And then there’s the cat dating( you heard right, you date cats).
    The whole game is beautifully presented and captivating, and with the different plots to explore, there’s a little something for everyone.

  • 3.

    Emily Is Away Too

  • emily is away too review
    The spiritual successor to Emily Is Away, Emily Is Away has many of the components you loved in the original but with new twists. Again, created by Kyle Seeley it’s an indie visual novel, released in 2017 and has been hugely popular to those that love this genre.

    As the main protagonist, you find yourself in the last year of high school and using instant messenger; you talk to the different people in your life as you navigate your way through life as a senior. The responses you make during the game will alter the plot of the game, so you’re in control, and no two games are the same, which means you can play the game, again and again, having a different gaming experience, so it doesn’t get boring or repetitive quickly.

    Emily Is Away Too, like Emily Is Away is a nostalgic look back at high school and your first love, with the right amount of teenage cringe and detail. We’re talking about being stood up for prom and fake IDs. The game has a serious side too. Definitely worth checking out.

  • 2.

    Depression Quest

  • depression quest game review
    Who says a game just needs to be fun? Why can’t it play a role in helping people and raising awareness too? Depression Quest just does that; it’s also fun too. You play the role of a person suffering from depression. You have to lead a day-to-day life, including work and relationships while managing your depression with various medications.

    The choices you make in the game alter the story, which is similar to Emily Is Away, but the added twist is that your choices become limited when your character is suffering a bout of depression, which mimics life.

    The reason why this game has made the list is because Emily Is Away fans love a game that’s different, that pushes boundaries and Depression Quest does that, especially if you are suffering from, or know someone who is suffering from depression. Definitely worth a look.

  • 1.

    Until Dawn

  • until dawn review
    If you love the “butterfly effect” styled game, where your decisions alter the plot of the game, and there have different endings, it’s more than just a black and white decision model; then you have to take a look at Until Dawn. It has the same teenage storytelling as Emily Is Away, the two major differences being: 1)It has a creepier more sinister feel and 2) although an indie story, it has massive production value.

    Set up in the mountains of Canada, a group of teenagers are being picked off by a mysterious stranger or possibly a vengeful member of the group. Even the mountain holds a secret. You make decisions involving all eight members, and the goal is to make it through till dawn with as many characters still alive as possible.

    The graphics and atmosphere the game creates are award-winning, and the production is Hollywood standard, as are the voice actors. Everything about this game is class. It’s one of our favorites in the last few years, and you can even check out our article; 5 Best Games Like Until Dawn for once you’ve played it through!

In Summary

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, then you’re with friends. Emily Is Away has a cult following, and we just thought, if you love it, you’ll love these other games too.

Emily Is Away Too, and Cibele are very similar to the original, Emily Is Away, with the teen love story/angst angle and similar feel and gameplay. Depression Quest, has a different slant on this type of personalized storytelling, whereas Purrfect Date and Until Dawn have completely different stories but share the same game model (the butterfly effect) with Emily Is Away. The decisions you make are not necessarily wrong, but they change the plot of the story which leads to a different ending. So there’s a little something for everyone.

These are our 5 best picks, for similar games to Emily Is Away.