Fans of Fable are a passionate lot, myself included. The original game was like nothing else, and the follow-ups such as Fable 2 and Fable 3 were awesome too.

Unfortunately, it’s been such a long time since there was a new Fable game, and it looks as if there might not ever be another. So where next? Check out our top 5 games like Fable!

    Best Games Like Fable

    Fable is a strong RPG game with a third-person perspective, offering diverse, simple action-packed fightings, a lot of lore and a moral compass where to some extent choices matter.

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    What will make the list? Find out below!

  • 5.

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • This game is one of the best RPG offerings in the last few years. It’s similar to Fable in the sense that you’ve got all the RPG elements along with the third-person view, excellent combat and great voice acting throughout.

    It’s a top game that I think any fan of Fable would love to play.

    The game itself is large, much bigger than any Fable game and even has around 20% more content than huge games such as Skyrim. So is it worth the money? Most definitely.

  • 4.


  • Gothic is a good, often overlooked game because of its age. While it isn’t new by any means, having been released in 2001. It does offer a gameplay experience that would appeal to most fans of games like Fable.

    It’s third-person, offers different styles of combat, contains a fair bit of lore and has different monsters similarly to Fable.

    If you’re not put off by older titles, this one is something to give a go!

  • 3.

    The Bard’s Tale

  • The Bard’s Tale is another game like Fable that offers plenty of classic RPG fun!

    There is a “snarky or nice” system similar to how Fable handles the moral choices that can result in different consequences for gameplay. Skills and items become available through completing more quests and storylines.

    While in my opinion it’s not nearly as captivating as Fable, it’s a damn good game that any hardcore fan is going to enjoy.

  • 2.


  • Another older gaming experience, but a good one nonetheless, in fact like many games on this list Risen has a whole host of sequel games that are better and better than the last.

    Right from the start you need to make choices about the weapons and class of hero you’re going to be, unlike Fable you’ve got useful additions like crafting and smithing that add an extra dimension to the game.

    Other than this though, the games are actually fairly similar and this one offers a good, well-built experience for fans of RPGs.

  • 1.

    The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

  • Skyrim is pretty much the classic game when it comes to RPGs in the last close to 10 years. While there are a lot of similarities with Fable, there are also some key ways the game differs.

    First of all Skyrim is mainly played in first-person, secondly the game is a lot more ‘serious’ than Fable – whatever that means in a fantasy RPG world I don’t know.

    While Fable didn’t make it on our list of Games Like Skyrim, I think they are actually pretty similar where it counts.

    However, it’s a gameplay experience like nothing else and any fan of RPGs, let alone Fable are going to love this game. I think the way that you can generally choose your direction in the game is pretty good as well, since that was a key part of Fable. Unfortunately, you don’t really age or see key differences happen to your character based on the moral choices you make, but overall the game allows you to do more or less whatever you want which is brilliant considering Fable was just as much fun when you weren’t following the storyline and quests.

    If you haven’t played it yet, hopefully this’ll convince you because in my view I’ve put this game first on the list not because it’s the most similar, but the one I think you’re most likely to enjoy as much as you did Fable!

The Bottom-Line

All of these games are excellent, and while none of them are exactly like Fable, they are similar enough that I think you’ll enjoy them. I know I did! I hope you enjoyed my list of games like fable!

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