Firewatch is a 2016 first-person mystery & adventure game set in the Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming, U.S.A. The story follows a newly recruited fire lookout named Henry, a middle aged man who is recovering from the ghosts of his past.

The developers, Campo Santo masterfully set the game back in 1989, meaning that you’re truly on your own out there in the wilderness. The only person with whom you have contact is Delilah, your supervisor who is many miles away in another lookout tower.

After a short time, strange things begin happening to them… The mystery starts to unfold, and you’ll start to unravel clues and begin to become gradually more and more absorbed by the story.

The game has exceeded a million sales on all platforms, and the huge popularity has even given way to the talks of a feature-length movie. So it’s no surprise that the game is often referred to as a comparing feature when people are looking for new games to play.

We’ve been looking for games that are similar to Firewatch and we’ve found a few, here are our top five.

    Top Five Games Like Firewatch:

  • 5.

    The Park

  • Much like in Firewatch, The Park is a first-person perspective game set in a limited, but open-world environment. Set in Atlantic Island Park, you play as a single mother named Lorraine. Lorraine had taken her Son Callum to the park for the day, but just as the park is closing Callum goes missing.

    Night arrives shortly thereafter and the park transforms into an eery, desolate place. Searching the park for your Son, you’ll learn more about the mysteries of the park and your own dark past. Much like in Firewatch the developers decided to make the game more of an adventure game, so there’s no combat and instead you’re interacting with objects to move the story forward.

    It’s a unique game, and it really reminded us of Firewatch in many ways. While it may not feel as polished, the game is certainly worth giving a try if you enjoyed Firewatch.

  • 4.

    The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

  • In The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, you explore the Red Rock Creek Valley in the 1970s as investigator Paul Prospero. A talented detective with a supernatural gift to work within the realms of paranormal cases.

    Your job is to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Ethan Carter, you must use your supernatural abilities to understand how the town became deserted, as well as the dark secrets of the Carter family.

    You must piece together this puzzle with any clues you can find, and in needing to do so the developers have made the game fairly open-world. It’s another great mystery game like Firewatch and worth a go if you like the slightly more gritty games out there.

  • 3.

    The Last Day Of June

  • This game is the most different of the bunch so far, where it really hits home for us being similar to Firewatch though is in the way that it makes you emotionally invested in the plight of the characters and the relationship lost between Carl and June.

    Carl, now left in a wheelchair has lost the love of his live and wife June in a terrible motor accident.

    You control Carl who explores his memories, as well as others, and the sequence of events that lead to the ‘Last Day Of June’. As a player you’re left wondering whether you can find the right actions to take or not take in order to save her life.

    Much like in Firewatch there is a truly beautiful stylized cinematic feel to the game, and the soundtrack is wonderfully composed to build a truly immersive experience that makes you invested from the outset.

  • 2.


  • In Bigfoot you’re plunged back into the wilderness of a national park, your job is to discover the elusive Bigfoot that you and your team believe is responsible for the disappearance of a group of tourists.

    Using cameras and other equipment, you need to get that proof and soon it becomes clear that you need to use the equipment and everything else at your disposal just to survive.

    This game builds fear through anticipation and jump scares, as well as some genuinely terrifying cat and mouse chase scenes. Whether you will survive is down to you, and similarly to Firewatch the tension is always there, palpable and unforgettable.

  • 1.

    Through The Woods

  • Through The Woods is a horror-adventure game, released in 2016 it was the game we were most anticipating the release of after completing Firewatch as it seemed a genuine contender for the game most like it.

    A walking simulator in essence, your job is to uncover the mysteries of the woods and discover what happened to your missing son.

    The visuals are pretty spectacular for a game developed by a relatively small studio, although they’re not as stylized as what you’ll get on Firewatch. Nonetheless it’s an immersive experience, full of frightening moments that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat. The way it builds your suspense in so many different ways puts this game up there with some of the best psychological horror games that we’ve played in recent years.

    The main negative in our view is how the game left you wanting more, just like in Firewatch – with Through The Woods you never want it to end.


As we do in the rest of our ‘Top 5 Games Like’ series, we’ve given you some great ideas for games that we think any fan of Firewatch will look at and find something that they like.

Without giving too much away, we’ve tried our best to give you a taste of what you can expect. If you liked this article, and you’ve played the game why not check out Top 5 Games Like Until Dawn to get more suspensful, psyhological and purely enjoyable adventure game suggestions.