Firewatch is a 2016 first-person mystery & adventure game set in the Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming, U.S.A. The story follows a newly recruited fire lookout named Henry, a middle aged man who is recovering from the ghosts of his past.

The developers, Campo Santo masterfully set the game back in 1989, meaning that you’re truly on your own out there in the wilderness. The only person with whom you have contact is Delilah, your supervisor who is many miles away in another lookout tower.

After a short time, strange things begin happening to them… The mystery starts to unfold, and you’ll start to unravel clues and begin to become gradually more and more absorbed by the story.

The game has exceeded a million sales on all platforms, and the huge popularity has even given way to the talks of a feature-length movie. So it’s no surprise that the game is often referred to as a comparing feature when people are looking for new games to play.

We’ve been looking for games that are similar to Firewatch and we’ve found a few, here are our top five.

    Top Five Games Like Firewatch:

  • 5.

    The Park

  • Much like in Firewatch, The Park is a first-person perspective game set in a limited, but open-world environment. Set in Atlantic Island Park, you play as a single mother named Lorraine. Lorraine had taken her Son Callum to the park for the day, but just as the park is closing Callum goes missing.

    Night arrives shortly thereafter and the park transforms into an eery, desolate place. Searching the park for your Son, you’ll learn more about the mysteries of the park and your own dark past. Much like in Firewatch the developers decided to make the game more of an adventure game, so there’s no combat and instead you’re interacting with objects to move the story forward.

    It’s a unique game, and it really reminded us of Firewatch in many ways. While it may not feel as polished, the game is certainly worth giving a try if you enjoyed Firewatch.

  • 4.

    The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter

  • In The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter, you explore the Red Rock Creek Valley in the 1970s as investigator Paul Prospero. A talented detective with a supernatural gift to work within the realms of paranormal cases.