Fran Bow is a game of intense pain, loss and acceptance. With a beautiful and unique art style, this point and click storytale game is utterly addicting and compelling. It draws you in to follow Fran, a girl whose parents were both murdered.

Admitted to an asylum Fran is separated from her one true friend, her black cat Mr. Midnight. Under the ‘care’ of her Doctor at the asylum you must help Fran escape by altering the very reality around her.

It’s not a surprise that fans of this game are looking for more games like Fran Bow.

Keep reading to get our list of games that we feel fans will enjoy.

    Top Five Games Like Fran Bow:

  • 5.


  • Goetia is a point and click horror adventure game, you’re Abigail Blackwood. A ghost. Raised from the grave to find out what happened to your family some 40 years later. The family manor is abandoned, the village deserted.

    You’re left to play, explore and discover at your own pace in this eerie atmosphere that the game builds.

    As with most games in this genre, there is a spellbinding soundtrack to accompany the game in order to build or release the tension that the game builds. If you’re simply a fan of point & click games that are highly stylized the Goetia is a great game for you to try after finishing Fran Bow.

  • 4.

    Edna & Harvey: The Breakout

  • The graphics on this game are a fair bit different to Fran Bow, however the style is still very much hand-animated. It’s a little more Rick & Morty in it’s art style than Tim Burton. But it’s a great point & click game that just keeps getting weirder.

    Similarly to Fran Bow, you’re in an asylum and you need to escape. Why? Because Edna has no idea how she got there, and she and her stuffed Bunny Harvey are going to get out no matter what the cost.

    It’s hard to put into words what’s so good about this game, you just have to play it or if not take a look at some of the playthrough videos on YouTube.

  • 3.

    The Dream Machine – Chapters 1 & 2

  • The Dream Machine is by far one of the most horrendously unsettling games I’ve ever played. This is probably down in no small part to the absolutely surreal and creepy graphics. If you were looking for more games like Fran Bow because you enjoy the kind of surreal art style that’s reminiscent of a Tim Burton film than this game is probably right up your street.

    With a haunting soundtrack, lots of puzzles to solve and a story-driven central plotline where you can explore and discover things to help you along this game is right up there as one of my favorites alongside Fran Bow.

  • 2.

    The Detention

  • This game is also very atmospheric, it’s also a point and click game. By far the best thing about Detention is how immersive the game is. Defined by the developers as an atmospheric horror game set in the 1960s it lives up to expectations.

    Perhaps it’s because the game is set in Taiwan, and leans heavily on Tai & Chinese religious beliefs & mysticism, everything feels very alien.

    Trapped in Greenwood high school, high in the remote mountains, you find yourself locked in. Trapped and vulnerable you must explore the campus in order to escape, haunted by evil creatures (or spirits) you have to solve puzzles and riddles to help you achieve your goal.

    Detention really is a unique and terrifying story, and it’s an absolute must play for anyone who wants to play more games like Fran Bow.

  • 1.

    The Cat Lady

  • This game is exceptional, as far as psychological thrillers go it’s up there with one of the best I’ve played. I’d say it’s as good as Fran Bow, it’s just different.

    Following Susan Ainsworth, a 40-year-old woman on the verge of suicide, a woman with no hope, friends or chance of a better future. She learns that 5 strangers will come along and change everything.

    Of course, it’s not a happily ever after. The fact that the creators recommend this game for people aged 18+ says it all.

    With a great soundtrack, stylized artwork and simple gameplay mechanics it’s my number one game for fans of Fran Bow. If you loved Fran Bow, you’ll love The Cat Lady and that’s not because both games have a ‘cat theme’. Although, that doesn’t hurt!


Fran Bow was a fantastic game, so it makes sense to look for more games like it. In our list we’ve tried to help you by suggesting a number of different games that all fit the same genre overall. While each of these games in this list have different strengths and weaknesses, any of them will make a true Fran Bow fan smile!

We were personally huge fans of Detention & The Cat Lady so if you need to make a choice, check these games out further to decide which to play first!