Grim Dawn is one of the best RPG games we’ve played in recent years. The amount of content, and the scale of the world that was put together by Crate Entertainment is truly unbelievable. For a game that was funded via Kickstarter, it puts a lot of games in its genre to shame.

For that reason, it can be difficult to find a game that’s similar to grim dawn that really stands up next to it as a viable alternative. That being said, we’ve put together our personal list of the top five games like grim dawn for you to check out.

    Best Games Like Grim Dawn:

    Grim Dawn is a top-down or overhead action RPG with hack and slash elements. The game is heavily inspired by the victorian era as well as incorporating many popular steam punk fantasy elements, mixed in with a healthy dose of more typical RPG elements, mobs and gameplay features.

    In this list we’re looking for the games that are most similar to the game, as well as the games that are as enjoyable as they are similar.

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  • 5.

    Diablo 3

  • diablo 3 is a good hack and slash game
    The Diablo series is sort of one of the founding fathers of this kind of game. As one of the oldest game series in this genre still going it’s worth checking out for any fan of action RPGs that have gameplay that’s similar to Grim Dawn.

    While Diablo 3 may not be the best game in the Diablo series, it’s one of the nicer ones to play for those of us who have got used to a certain level of smoothness and clarity in texture models. It’s also got smoother gameplay than the older Diablo games which makes it a little more similar to Grim Dawn.

  • 4.

    Torchlight II

  • torchlight 2 game review
    Torchlight II is a great mix between the Diablo games and Grim Dawn. In terms of the RPG elements, perhaps Grim Dawn is a few steps ahead, but in terms of the action they’re equal albeit in different ways. We personally felt that Torchlight II was a better hack and slash game than Grim Dawn.

    That being said, it’s a game that you have to take a serious look at if you’re looking for something to fill the hole in your life that’s been left by GD.

  • 3.

    Victor Vran

  • victor vran action role playing game review
    Victor F’ing Vran… What can we say? If you’ve ever seen or heard of this game then you most likely know that it’s got some very obvious style similarities to Grim Dawn.

    However, this game is very different in other ways. There is more reliance on your ability to dodge your way around to avoid damage rather than merely tanking or kiting like many players in Grim Dawn do. There’s also the ability to jump in this game, which is used for more of the puzzle like elements to the game. Similarly to Grim Dawn there’s a lot of class customization in this game which is a plus, although it’s not quite as robust as in GD.

    Overall Victor Vran is probably more appealing to players who prefer a lot of variety from an action RPG. Whereas with Grim Dawn the majority of the game focuses on questing, exploring and fighting off waves of mobs and facing up to bosses like in very traditional RPGs.

  • 2.

    Path Of Exile

  • path of exile free mmorpg review
    This game is so very similar to Diablo II which is undoubtedly where Grim Dawn drew a lot of the inspiration for their gameplay and combat system. Path Of Exile is pretty much middle-aged in comparison to the other games on this list, but as a free to play title that you can download via Steam it’s an unmissable game that any fan of overhead action RPGs would be stupid to miss.

    The gameplay is good as you’d expect for game that’s drawn inspiration from D2, and like GD it’s up there as one of the best in the genre that we’ve ever played. Frankly we think it’s crazy that it’s free. A big draw about this game as well is that it’s multiplayer. Being that outside of NPC areas it’s highly instanced it retains the feel of most single-player variants of this genre which is a good thing as it would have detracted from the experience if it was as populated as many MMOs are.

    Overall this game is a title that any fan of Grim Dawn can’t really afford to miss, and since it’s free it’s probably the best one to try first!

  • 1.

    Titan Quest

  • titan quest grim dawn similarities
    The two games are very similar for a very obvious reason to those who followed the development journey of Grim Dawn closely. That being because GD is actually built on the engine of Titan Quest. This means by default, regardless of the fact that Grim Dawn has a heavily victorian inspired vibe, the two games feel very similar. You can even tell this when looking at the HUD.

    As this is the oldest game on the list, we’d say it’s probably the one that most people would be most put off by. However there is an updated and improved anniversary edition of this game that was released in 2016 which might be more appealing to a lot of you.

    Really though, despite the stylistic differences and the fact that this game revolves around hunting down and battling the mythological greek titans, it’s still a solid aRPG that’s worth playing for any fan of the genre, but especially for those who are fans of Grim Dawn.

Wrapping Up

There are so many good games on this list, and although we personally prefer Grim Dawn over all of them we’re still huge fans of these titles one and all! If you’re a big fan of GD then these are in our opinion the best games like Grim Dawn to play as of 2017!