Life Is Strange is a narrative, story driven choices matter game by Square Enix that was released in 2015. It has since developed a cult following, myself included.

In fact, after finishing the game I so badly wanted to play more like it that I had to do some serious searching to find similar games.

In this list, I’m going to share those few good similar games with you.

    Top Five Games Like Life Is Strange:

  • 5.

    The Walking Dead

  • The Walking Dead series by Telltale Games is one of the most famous story driven choices matter games out there. Now including ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘The Walking Dead: Season Two’ and ‘The Walking Dead: A New Frontier’ you follow a number of characters centered around a little girl called Clementine.

    If you want to dive into the now massive amount of content that these three games encompass, including truly moving and nail-biting moments then you’ll do no better than this game series.

    There’s also the DLC 400 Days and mini-game The Walking Dead: Michonne to tide you over for the long wait for the fourth game. If that’s not enough just look take a look at our list of the best games like the walking dead.

    Check it out on Steam

  • 4.

    Dreamfall Chapters

  • Dreamfall Chapters is perhaps the game most like Life Is Strange in terms of gameplay, but I personally didn’t find it nearly as gripping. It’s not because I don’t like the sci-fi setting of the game, it just wasn’t quite as good as some of the other story driven choices matter games I’ve come to play.

    That being said, the game is hugely popular and there’s a strong fan base. So I couldn’t really put this in 5th based on my own personal view of the game. Overall I’d say you’ll like it if you’re a fan of Life Is Strange and you’ll love it if you’re into the surreal sci-fi scene of games.

    Check it out on Steam

  • 3.


  • This indie title is a little different to the other games on this list, but it has to get a mention because of how good the choices matter mechanics are.

    In the game you play as a kid that has fallen into the ‘Underground’, a vast region under the Earth (hollow earth theorists be psyched) which is separated by a magical barrier. You meet various creatures and monsters during your quest to return to the surface. You get a choice on how you do that though, do you kill everything you see or do you let them live? All of these choices affect the game in subtle and massive ways as you progress.

    If you’re not into games that don’t offer 3D graphics then you might want to give it a miss, but if that doesn’t put you off then you absolutely have to check this game out.

    Check it out on Steam

  • 2.

    Until Dawn

  • I wasn’t going to include games on this list that weren’t available for the PC, but this PS4 Only game is one of the best I’ve ever played, in any genre. So it’s got to be this list for that reason.

    If you like choices matter games this one is the game for you, starting out as a group of friends partying it up in a lodge, a prank goes wrong which sends two sisters into the cold, snowy Canadian wilderness in the dead of night. What happens from there is down to you, the gang returns a year later, and things go from bad to worse. As the story evolves, you switch from character to character in different situations they’ve ended up in. Ultimately you have to make the right decisions to try and help these teens survive ‘Until Dawn’.

    With so many different ways the game can end up, it’s a game you can just play over and over again, and it’s utterly binge-worthy. I’ll admit I completed my first play-through the day I got it!

  • 1.

    Life Is Strange: Before The Storm

  • This game has to be first on the list because it’s another Life Is Strange game! This time you play the perpetually unlucky Chloe in the prequel to the events that went on in the original game.

    Along with Rachel Amber you get to see what happened in Arcadia Bay ‘Before The Storm’. The game has now been fully released and take it from me if you love Life Is Strange you’ll love this game. The only real downside is there’s no ability to rewind and change decisions, but that was Max’ power after all!

    Ultimately no game is going to be more like Life Is Strange than this one. If you’ve not got it already you can get it on PC/Windows, PS4 & Xbox One.


If you’re a hardcore Life Is Strange fan then you’ll probably never find another game quite like how it felt on the first playthrough, but this list is my personal tick list for games like Life Is Strange.

If nothing else, you absolutely have to try Until Dawn and Before The Storm as I assure you, you won’t regret it!

Honorable mentions have to go out to the other Telltale Games series, as well as Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls for PS3 & PS4.

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Know any other good games like life is strange? Let us know in the comments!