Minecraft is an amazing game, but sometimes we fancy a change and want to look for more games like it. Some people probably don’t get it, but when you have a specific game you like it’s pretty obvious that this genre is something you’d be into generally.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

    Best Games Like Minecraft

    We’ve included our top 5 choices for games that we think you’d really enjoy. It used to be that this genre was fairly small, but today the genre of sandbox action & adventure games is huge. In this list we’ve got some games that you may not of heard of, but also some titles that might seriously start another game addiction in you.

    We’ve purposely avoided adding games to this list that don’t have an active community behind anymore, there’s literally hundreds of lists on the web about games similar to minecraft, but most of them are suggesting games that no longer have an active-player base – which is just stupid.

  • 5.

    The Forest

  • the forest is a survival game, like minecraft

    The Forest is similar to Minecraft in the sense that there’s a strong emphasis on base-building for survival, especially come night! We absolutely love this game, even though it’s still in active-development right now.

    You crash land as the only survivor into a strange land that’s dominated by strange creatures that are savagely attempting to eat the absolute shit out of you. Believe me when I say, for a sandbox adventure game, this is so scary. However, there are times where all is calm and you’ll enjoy being able to chop trees, hunt and all of the other good things you’d expect from a game that’s like Minecraft.

    It’s one of the best games we’ve played in this genre in years, so it’s definitely worth a go if you’re looking for a game with better graphics than Minecraft.

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  • terraria review

    When we all used to play on a few Minecraft private servers a few years back, a lot of our friends were raving about some game called Terraria. So we checked it out, and good golly miss molly, this game is insane. It’s essentially similar to Minecraft in the sense that there’s a lot of focus on scavenging and transforming the world around you in your search for resources.

    Base-building is a must, and there’s a huge amount of enemies that are out to get you. Defense is the best offense in Terraria as it is with Minecraft.

    The main, big difference is that the graphics in Terraria are even more simple than Minecraft. However if you can deal with that, or if you genuinely really like the visual style then this game is worth a go.

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  • 3.


  • rust is similar to minecraft

    RUST is a hugely popular game that is similar to Minecraft in the sense that you’re dropped into an open-world with basically no instruction on how to survive. You need to grab as many resources as you can as soon as you can, and get yourself somewhere to hide out while you go about improving your overall chances of survival.

    Again, like Minecraft, the game’s popularity has given way to a lot of people setting up RUST Servers and that’s allowed friends to play together without the annoyance of other players. What’s great about this game is the unpredictable nature of it, you could be going along thinking you’re doing amazingly well, just to be ambushed by a bunch of unfriendly raiders who wan’t your head and your gear.

    Like the sound of it? You can always check out our top games like rust here.

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  • 2.

    Don’t Starve

  • dont starve is amazing just like minecraft

    Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together (Multi) are probably the games we’ve put the most hours into compared to Minecraft. This is down to how addictive the game is. The visuals are god-damn delightful and would make Tim Burton need the tissues.

    Most of all this game is similar to Minecraft in the way that it focuses your time and efforts on surviving, except if that were actually hard in Minecraft. Surviving in this game is a true challenge, and the overall aim of the game is to survive for as many days as possible. If you die, the game starts over.

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  • 1.


  • FORTNITE is probably one of our favorite games like Minecraft right now. It’s basically a game that’s taken everything that the original Minecraft fans loved about vanilla and combined that with much better graphics and a hyper-focus on the excitment of building bases that can withstand attacks from waves of unfriendly zombies.

    That’s right, it’s basically a Minecraft type game that has ACTUAL good combat and enough mobs that are focused on you and your base to make life seriously difficult. This game is best played with friends, if you want to survive.

    It’s so addictive, and in so many ways the perfect game for fans of the vanilla minecraft experience. The only downside is there is it’s not as open-world, but you can’t have everything!

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In Summary

These are some of the hottest games in the genre right now, and sure Minecraft is still the big daddy, but these games are enough like it and way fun enough that you’ll get hours and hours of fun out of them.

One other option is just going back to Minecraft with your own server and your own rules, that’s what we’ve done, if that sounds tempting then maybe check out our minecraft hosting options guide.