If you enjoyed playing The Forest you might like to find some similar games to play. In this article, I’m going to recommend our top 5 games like The Forest!

The Forest is an FPS Survival game with strong hints of horror and gore. These are the main components we’ve focused on in picking out our suggestions.

    Best Games Like The Forest

    This game is so much fun and refreshing for the genre as a whole. There are other games that can compare to this game though.

    What will make the list? Find out below!

  • 5.


  • Raft is a relatively new game where you’re living your life lost at sea, adrift on a raft. Surrounded by shark-infested waters your only job is to survive.

    As a survival game this is similar to The Forest but also relates in the sense that the dangers are very much around you at all times. Your ability to be able to improve your raft is tied to your survival, just as your ability to build a good base is in The Forest.

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    Don’t Starve

  • Don’t Starve is another survival game that is akin to The Forest. Except it’s a little more animated…

    First of all the actual style of the game has a Tim Burton feel, and aside from that, there’s just a lot more going on all the time. That doesn’t mean it’s not a serious survival game though because if you die in this game you’re starting over from Day 1.

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    The Long Dark

  • The Long Dark is one of the best survival games that I’ve played. Not only is the game episodic in nature, but it’s also challenging just like The Forest.

    Where there are differences in the styles, and the overall objective, as well as enemies. The similarities are in that these two games have a clearly defined narrative where there is an overall objective for why you need to survive. If that was something you really enjoyed about The Forest then this game would be perfect for you, especially if gore isn’t a must-have.

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  • Firewatch may be the least difficult game in terms of survival since there’s not a lot you have to do. But the game is just one giant, scary ride that leaves you feeling emotional and awed at how good the game is.

    This is where The Forest & Firewatch make good complimentary similarities. They both offer scares albeit in different ways. Firewatch is maybe the pick for those of you who want something more focused on story than outright survival.

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  • RUST is an online multiplayer survival game that pits you against other players and various mobs. Since The Forest also has a small multiplayer option, this so far is the most similar game in this way unless you count Don’t Starve Together as the same game as Don’t Starve.

    Regardless, RUST has all the mechanics in place that you’d expect from a survival game such as the need to eat, drink and even stay warm. It’s probably the hardest of all the games due to the unavoidable threat of other players. However if you can deal with getting killed a lot this game will be the top pick for the game you’ll want to play if you loved The Forest.

The Bottom-Line

Sure none of these games are basically cannibal based, but there’s an element in each of them that makes these games similar to The Forest. Enough so that any fan of The Forest is going to like the majority of these games!

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