Until Dawn is a narrative driven, consequences matter game made by Supermassive Games. In this survival horror, eight teens return to Blackwood Mountain a year after a prank goes horribly wrong, leading to twin sisters Hannah & Beth going missing.

Switching between characters, making critical decisions and navigating the harsh Canadian terrain you’ll need to do everything you can in order to survive “Until Dawn”.

Every decision affects the outcome of the game, who survives and who doesn’t. While it’s theoretically possible for everyone to survive, it’s easier said then done.

This game is an absolute one of a kind game, with a star-studded ensemble lending themselves to CGI and voice-acting. It’s not a surprise that people are looking for more games like this one and in this list we’re going to share our top five that you might just like!

    Top Five Games Like Until Dawn:

  • 5.

    Beyond: Two Souls

  • Beyond: Two Souls is a pretty famous game because similarly to Until Dawn it has CGI and voice-overs provided by actual actors / actresses. In this case, Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe.

    The game is a supernatural action & adventure game, with the popular and all important choices matter dynamic in play.

    You switch between playing Jodie, a girl with a mystery connection to a supernatural entity called Aiden. Together, you play through Jodie’s memories, from a young girl to being a CIA operative that needs to save the world, and the very people who have exploited her for her whole life.

    This game has plenty of twists and turns, real moral choices to be made and it develops into a tense thriller that leaves you at times on the edge of your seat.

    In our opinion, it’s not as fast paced as Until Dawn, but it’s certainly a game you’re going to want to play if you’re a fan of UD.

    Beyond: Two Souls is available on the PS3 & PS4.

  • 4.

    Life Is Strange

  • We actually recommended Until Dawn on our other article, ‘games like life is strange‘, so it makes sense for us to recommend Life Is Strange here.

    Life Is Strange is an episodic adventure game, where choices matter much like in Until Dawn.

    There is a mystery element to this game as well, but where these games are different is that Life Is Strange doesn’t leave you with your heart in your mouth at all times although in places it can be very tense, and scary.

    Overall the game has a balance of chilled moments, mixed with melancholic scenes and general teen angst. It’s one of the best games in the genre, and without giving too much away about the plot all I can say is it’s an absolute must play game if you were a fan of Until Dawn.

  • 3.

    Heavy Rain

  • Heavy Rain is a lot slower paced than Until Dawn, and is more like a detective story where you need to unravel the mystery of who the Origami Killer is. It’s more of a slow burner at the beginning, but as you get into the game things really start to heat up.

    It’s not as much of a scary game, but there’s plenty of action going on. With the choices matter dynamic in play it makes a really interesting games for fans of the genre.

    Similarly to Until Dawn you switch between several different characters across the game, and these characters can be killed during the investigation. So who ends up left at the end is totally down to the way you play the game.

    If there’s one thing I can say about Heavy Rain, it’s that the controls are pretty difficult to master. If you’re one that frustrates easily when controls aren’t extremely intuitive then it might be better to just give this one a miss, but if you can stick it out the story is extremely satisfying.

    Heavy Rain is available on the PS3 & PS4.

  • 2.

    The Walking Dead

  • The Walking Dead by Telltale Games as of September 2017 is split into three games, and is another episodic choices matter game.

    In terms of plain old survival, no other game on this list comes close to being as similar to Until Dawn.

    This is where the similarities end though, generally you play just one character per game and the choices you make lead into unique situations in the following games. This makes The Walking Dead a more unique experience the longer you play it.

    The fear factor is definitely still there, and at times the tension is truly palpable. The more comic-like graphics means that in terms of stunning visuals it’s not nearly in the same league as Until Dawn.

    The graphics aren’t a big worry for most though, as the game itself is addictive and the plot is thoroughly immersive just like Until Dawn. We conversely put until dawn on our list of games like the walking dead.

  • 1.

    The Inpatient

  • The Inpatient is an upcoming prequel to Until Dawn that’s going to be released by the same guys at Supermassive Games.

    Set 60 years before the events of Until Dawn, you’ll be returning to Blackwood Mountain to have a say in how things went down. The game, like Until Dawn is a Playstation 4 Exclusive, but it’ll also support VR. Which could be a truly terrifying experience!

    It’s scheduled for release on the 21st November 2017 in North America and the 22nd November 2017 in Europe.


If you’re a big fan of Until Dawn there’s a lot to look forward to with The Inpatient looming ever closer.

These other games like Until Dawn should tide you over until then though!

Think there are any other good games like Until Dawn? Let us know in the comments!