Ever felt like being a total dick, but scared of the repercussions it might bring to your life? You need to try these 7 Games where you can be evil as the devil himself! Whether you’re feeling angry and need to vent, or generally want some badass fun, take your pick of the following games to bring out your inner asshole.

These games will give you free reign to be completely evil, and some will allow you to navigate most of the maps and worlds on your own accord.

    7 Games Where You Can Be Evil As Hell

  • 7.

    Kratos – God Of War Series

  • Kratos is essentially, a badass. He puts little consideration into his actions, and operates by causing chaos and devastation. Through loyal service and hard work, Kratos became a God, and later decides he wants to take over Greece, sparking controversy and war between him and the other Gods. He later joins “The Titans”, who unite to defeat them.

    Kratos is ruthless, and he’ll kill anyone who will get in his way in the most horrific ways. We have to watch as he mercilessly gouges his enemies eyes out, pushes captured soldiers into fire to burn alive, or even kick a puppy. I think we can all agree the last is the worst!

  • 6.

    Black and White

  • In black and white, you play as a “God” who can take on a kind or evil role. You have the power to totally change the course of the game at any time. To start, the player must choose an animal, and send it to an island full of civilians who need your help. You can train the animal to help everyone, or just be a total douche.

    The hand you play with also changes with your actions, if you choose to do evil deeds it will look more like a devil’s hand, as opposed to a more human looking hand if you help the people. There are a number of awful ways to inflict terror onto the island’s inhabitants, you can crush their buildings, ignore their prayers, make storms, take away food supplies, drown the people, set your animal to attack them and even sacrifice them. You can even slap and abuse your own animal, and force it to eat people and it’s own poo. But that’s way too far, and you’re not that evil, right?

    Black and White 2 is equally worth a play, with improved graphics and added features!

  • 5.


  • We play Manhunt as a death row inmate called James Earl Cash, who finds his lethal injection has been replaced with a sedative. “The Director”, a secretive, mysterious man, is responsible for saving your life, but for what price? Now you are compelled to obey as he asks for your help, and you find that he’s also murdered your family. The tasks that The Director sets for you are a series of brutal murders, from using a bag to suffocate your enemy, to stabbing and slicing them with a knife and even sticking a crowbar in their head.

    This game was so violent for it’s time, that it was blamed for a real life murder. When Manhunt 2 was released in 2007 it was banned, making it one of five banned games from the UK. This sort of makes you want to play it, right?!

  • 4.

    Postal 2

  • Postal 2 truly offers the player many ways to be recklessly and freely evil. The actual aim of the game is to follow a series of tasks given to our main character, “Postal Dude”, however sometimes these tasks may seem fairly basic. Picking up milk and cashing a paycheck seem pretty boring, but it’s not until you encounter the crazy world of Postal 2 that you’ll realize how much fun you’ll have. On your journey you’ll be harassed and attacked by several people, and you can attack them all in tons of different ways using weapons collected all around the map.

    Postal 2 gives you the opportunity to play peacefully or as evil as hell, for example you can make a silencer for your gun in the form of a cat, or run around town pissing on people.

    You can also play Postal 2 multiplayer mode. Simply click “share the pain” as you start the game!

  • 3.

    The Sims

  • If you’ve never heard of the sims, maybe your name is Patrick and you’ve been living under a rock. However, you probably haven’t fully discovered the possibilities in every game. The Sims is essentially an interactive, digital dollhouse. You can have countless hours of fun playing the base game of The Sims 1, 2, 3 and 4, and even more with expansions.

    You can generally be evil using the content offered in the original games, you can trap Sims in rooms and basements, be abusive to other sims and attack them, you can even starve your Sims to death. Using downloads and mods, (The Sims Resource and Mod The Sims are a good place to start), and cheats, you can go even further. Cheats can unlock every potential Sims death, and you can be as evil and weird as you like.

  • 2.

    Fable 2

  • Fable 2 is an open world role playing game. Set in Albion, Fable 2 is the sequel to Fable: The Lost Chapters. You can choose to be male or female, and character customisation doesn’t just stop there. Throughout the game there are many ways to change the appearance and personality of your character, and as you progress throughout the world you can choose to treat people terribly, and do nasty things.

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    If you’re good, the character will appear pleasant, but if you choose to be evil it will take a more frightening, ugly look, and can also become morbidly obese if you indulge and eat the wrong foods. The best thing about Fable 2 is that you will change the way that the world interacts with you based on your choices, and it will affect storylines and side quests too.

  • 1.

    Grand Theft Auto

  • Where to start with Grand Theft Auto? All of the games are basically a big excuse to be a corrupt, villainous asshole. Being infamous for controversy, Grand Theft Auto is said to encourage violent behaviour as it is so brutal. It’s important to note, that you shouldn’t copy anything from the game in your real life.

    Grand Theft Auto 5 is the latest addition to the series, and gives us a massive world to explore with the choice of playing 3 different criminals. The game is so in depth, with brilliant graphics it’s really easy to get completely immersed and spend hours playing it. You play main missions and steal cars, kill people and even torture someone. You can also play side missions that are sometimes much more trivial or hilarious. There is also an option to roam the entire map (once unlocked), and wreak as much havoc as you have time for, and adding cheats in the equation makes for hours of destruction.

    One of the key features of GTA is the ability to steal a car and drive vehicles, from cars and buses to boats and planes. You really can have countless hours of fun. GTA 5 is the best, biggest and latest game to play, however the other games are definitely worth checking out!

In Summary

Hopefully, you can now indulge on some mindless chaotic fun, and enjoy hours of being evil.

Some of these games are years old and are very cheap to buy (such as postal 2 and Black and White), while others, (such as God Of War 3 and Grand Theft Auto) come with a bigger price tag, but are all definitely worth purchasing. You definitely need to try these games where you can be evil as hell!

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