Updated: September 4th, 2018.

Life Is Strange 2 is an upcoming game set after the events of the original Life is Strange. It’s going to be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Scheduled for a release date of September 27 2018.

Many of us thought we’d seen the last of Life Is Strange after things were neatly wrapped up in the prequel. Nobody is sorry to see the new game on the horizon though.

In this article you’ll find news, rumors and everything LiS2.

Life Is Strange 2: Trailer

Life Is Strange 2: Gameplay – First Official 20 Minutes!

What We Know

The game is being developed by Dontnod Entertainment, the same guys behind “Before The Storm” – the prequel to the original game. It’s being published by Square Enix just like the two previous games in the series.

One thing we do know is that the spin-off game “The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit” has an effect on the storyline of the upcoming game. This is pretty exciting as we already know these games are some of the best choices matter games, but going straight into this game with different storylines based off of a spinoff game is brave.

A lot more has been said about the studio’s vision for creating this game which is covered pretty well in this interview, so if you’re interested in that check it out!

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new characters in lis2

The game follows two brothers named Sean Diaz (16) and Sean (9). After an accident, the two bros are forced to make a run for it and flee the cops. Leaving their home in Seattle, Washington they decide to head for Puerto Lobos, Mexico to find family who lives there.

This is a sharp difference from what a lot of fans were expecting because of Captain Spirit. Many fans were expecting the 2nd game to revolve around Chris Eriksen (The Amazing Adventures of Captain Spirit). However, as we know from that game the decisions you made are going to directly affect certain parts of the upcoming LiS2 game. So the odds are we will see Chris again, and there are certain rumors that offer support to this idea.

Much like in the first game, and the prequel there are strong hints at spirit animals, this time wolves. Even the location of Puerto Lobos (their destination) offers hints at this as Lobos means Wolves in Spanish. Additionally, we’re expecting to see more powers than we did in the prequel. If you’ve played the prequel you’ll know the hotly debated power discussion if you get my pun!

How many episodes are going to be in Life Is Strange 2? It appears that the game is going to follow the regular 5 episode long story arc format.

Release Date

As of right now, the current release date is scheduled for September 27th, 2018. Let’s hope they can keep to that release date as it’s not actually that long to wait!

What We Want To Know

I’m sure that I’m not the only one wondering whether or not the game will take place in Arcadia Bay at any point or whether it’ll feature any of the series original characters. At this point, it does seem unlikely given that the protagonists are traveling toward Mexico and taking a jaunt through the Oregon coast seems a stretch.


There are a lot of rumors in the mill currently about the second game, a savvy Reddit user has spoken about one such idea that we really liked.

theory about life is strange season 2

If you played the free spin-off you’ll know how the game ends, leading us to believe that Chris has powers. However, based on trailers and teasers we’ve seen so far this certainly could hold some truth!

Seattle Theory: This is one of our very own theories. One interesting thing about all the characters who have displayed powers thus far, all of them at some point have lived in Seattle or have very possibly visited there. The only real question mark is Rachel Amber. However in BTS we did see Rachel and Chloe hop a train bound for “probably Seattle”. So there is a chance she has gone there at some point.

Life Is Strange 2: Official Teaser

Life Is Strange 2: Teaser Trailer 1

Life Is Strange 2: Teaser Trailer 2

The Spin Off:

There is actually a free spin off game that is probably the prequel to Life Is Strange 2 called The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit. If you haven’t played the game yet, we highly recommend you do so as soon as possible! It was pretty awesome!

Check out this video:

Final Thoughts

We can’t wait. Life is Strange 2 is gonna be hella cool.