Ever wonder how much money actually goes into making your favorite games? Well, it’ll definitely shock you we can guarantee that. Some of the most expensive games ever made cost so much chedda that it will make your head spin!

There’s a long list stretching back almost two decades of games that have shelled out millions to try and be the next big game. Of course, the amount you spend doesn’t always guarantee a good game.

    The 10 Most Expensive Games Ever Made:

    In this list we’re running down the most expensive games ever made, minus the marketing cost which can be misleading. This majorly skews just how much the games cost to make with some developers spending up to 4x the cost of production on the marketing of the game.

    So let’s take a look at the REAL most expensive games development costs and dive right into this list of Triple-A games.

    most expensive games to develop ever

  • 10.

    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

  • metal gear solid iv cost
    This 2008 release by Konami cost around $78,000,000 (78 mil) in todays money. The game had a lot of expensive cut-scene animation segments which most of cost a pretty penny back in 2008. As a game it was a bit hit and miss and certainly cost a lot to develop considering it’s so-so performance.

  • 9.

    Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

  • metal gear solid the phantom pain
    This Metal Gear game released in 2015, again by Konami, cost around $81 million-dollars in today’s money. While the game was a massive improvement on the 4th installment, it’s just another classic case of a developer throwing money at something hoping for it to perform amazingly.

  • 8.


  • defiance the game
    If reports are to be believed this 2013 game by Trion Worlds cost around $80,000,000 to make. Thus making it one of the most expensive MMO’s ever made. It would also have to go down in history as one of the biggest flops in our view for the kind of money that was spent on the project.

  • 7.

    Red Dead Redemption

  • how much did red dead redemption cost to make
    This 2010 game by Rockstar Games cost around 99 million dollars in today’s money. Given other games at the time, this was one of the biggest games out there in terms of sheer map size. So it’s no surprise that the game cost what it did.

  • 6.

    Too Human

  • too human game
    This game was in development between 1999 – 2008. Somehow it kept not getting there, and the development cost ended up landing the developers with a whopping total of $111 million. It’s probably the biggest flop that you’ve never heard of. We guess they couldn’t afford marketing.

  • 5.

    Grand Theft Auto 4

  • GTA IV
    Besides the fact that this game being released in 2008 makes us feel incredibly old, it also blows the mind that Rockstar spent $111 million in today’s money on a game that despite the incredible visuals, sucked so so hard compared to San Andreas.

  • 4.

    Max Payne 3

  • how much did max payne 3 cost
    Another game by Rockstar, released in 2012 we had high hopes for Max Payne 3, it ultimately failed to deliver what we had hoped for. Costing a princely $111 million in today’s money, it’s safe to say they expected a high-return. The fact there’s been no release date set for Max Payne 4 it makes us think that it probably didn’t live up to expectations at Rockstar.

  • 3.

    Grand Theft Auto V

  • grand theft auto 5
    The latest installment of GTA is perhaps the best yet, released in 2013 this game cost Rockstar Games a massive $142 million dollars in today’s money. In our opinion every cent of that was well spent, as we continue to enjoy the multiplayer action to this day.

  • 2.


  • how much did destiny the game cost to make
    Destiny cost $143 million dollars and was released in 2014. It’s what we’d call the Halo killer. Thank god right? Anyway, the game is a high-octane shooter that’s not really like anything else out there. It was wildly popular on release and the 2nd game was released just recently.

  • 1.

    Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • This game cost $213 million dollars in today’s money making it more expensive than all of the games above by far, but also many recent blockbuster movies such as Suicide Squad. The game is a MMORPG built to epic proportions. While it’s not the most dominant MMORPG out there (we all know what that is) it’s still got a loyal base of players that continue to enjoy the game despite it being released back in 2011.

Wrapping up

Games are beginning to cost more and more money, and with the bar being raised ever higher this trend is only set to continue. It’s safe to say that in terms of entertainment, gaming is well on track to overtaking the movie industry in terms of costs associated with creating new titles, and the reality is we don’t even know how much a lot of big games out there actually cost with many developers jealously guarding those figures with more ferocity than Smaug.