Release Date:28/09/2016
Genre: Sci-fi, Survival, Open World, Online
Developer: Fenix Fire Entertainment
Publisher: Reverb Triple XP
Platform: Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One
Game Size: 5GB
Average Duration: 6 Hours
Official Site: Official site.

Osiris: New Dawn was released on Steam Early Access on September 28th 2016. This is because the game is so ambitious, the team is constantly updating and improving elements to ensure the absolute best gameplay possible. It is to be released on Windows, Xbox One and PS4. The team working on the game is Fenix Fire Entertainment, a team of two people. It is published by Reverb Triple XP.

Osiris: New Dawn is an exciting sci-fi open world survival game, where you can work with or without friends to produce a territory to colonize and control. You must keep this area safe, against natural disasters and attacks from online players and alien species.

Osiris: New Dawn Trailer


Osiris: New Dawn is set in the year 2078, and in this universe humans are beginning to use technology capable of travelling to and from different planets. Due to the earth running out of major resources, the U.N.E (United nations of earth) are recognising the need for finding habitable planets, and assign you (The player) the responsibility of examining planets in the Gliese 581 planetary system, to see if they’re suitable for human life. Unfortunately for you, while you’re travelling to the planetary system, due to the near-light speed travel, the spacecraft that you control breaks down and forces an emergency landing.

You find yourself crash landed on the planet Proteus 2. Survival is key to this game, from this point on you will have to complete your mission, by crafting, building and exploration. You can explore the planet and even nearby moons. The aim is to successfully create a base station while continually battling unstable, erratic conditions.

You must protect yourself on single player mode or collect as a group to protect yourself and your friends on multiplayer mode, against all of these conditions including native wildlife. The overall achievement is to discover the real reason why the Osiris 1 mission failed.


The aim of this game is to see how far you travel and explore. In order to do so, from the minute you start you are constantly exploring, grinding, crafting and building. The more things you discover and gather, the more you can craft, and the more you can advance to other parts of the planet or travel to further moons.

A downside to this game is that it is quite slow, and you must prefer games that make you work hard to advance. Generally, finding enough resources to create bases is tedious if you don’t enjoy it, but all hard work pays off and once you are able to build, it’s a world of fun.
Constructing a base or habitat is enjoyable, and can be devised entirely by your own imagination, however, there is currently not many objects available to make them totally unique. Maybe this is something the developers have planned, and they might make tons more useable building items.

In order to travel to different places on the map and beyond, our astronaut needs to use vehicles. The methods of transportation are excellent. With a range of vehicles to choose from such as the hover bike, spaceship and Rover. Use the G.A.V and Crab Mecha to drive into combat. But in order to drive, you’re going to need fuel. Bare in mind that this game is a survival game, and therefore you must craft your own fuel. Sometimes it can feel like a large effort to find resources, in order to produce it. And even then, vehicles consume fuel so quickly that it doesn’t feel worth the effort, so sometimes it’s best to travel with the spaceship, which requires no fuel.

You level up with XP (Experience Points acquired in the game), and also have separate stats and skills to level. These are speed, health, strength and stamina and can be improved using stat points. Also available to develop are combat, engineering and science skills.

Osiris: New Dawn does generally run sufficiently, however many players have voiced their concerns with gigantic frame drops after playing for many hours. A quick restart of the game will usually fix this, but it’s obviously annoying nonetheless. Hopefully, this is all part of Fenix Fire Entertainments’ plan, to keep the game in early access until these problems are cleared.


Osiris: New Dawn is played in first person, and so you’re looking out of an astronaut’s helmet. All around the peripheral are stats and options to aid you in the game. They’re displayed in a typically simple way, you can check levels of hover fuel, the temperature, pressure, food and water and health and suit levels. You can also use a compass to navigate easier, or select which item of your equipment you wish to use in the lower right corner. These elements do not distract from the game, and are neatly tucked away in the corners of the screen to enable a decent view into the world.

Graphics are mid-range. They’re definitely not up to the standard of top selling games today, but remember this is all “work in progress”, and being developed by two people. The graphics are impressive taking this into consideration. They boast a “half-life” feel, but a little more up to date. The sand, rocks and some other ground elements look a little textured, if you’re looking, you can notice. Grass and plants, although look good from a distance, when viewed closely it is apparent they are looped and can sometimes look unnatural, along with the way dust moves under hovering objects and projected elements from geysers. The skies, however, work really well aesthetically, they’re colorful and really help to give that sci-fi element the game constantly projects.

You can use a machine to view a map of the planet you’re situated on. The map is quite small, and has a military-aircraft feel. We feel as though it could be a little clearer and maybe made larger.

Remember to consider that these points are small, and they don’t ever really distract you from the great gameplay, and fun you can have.

Is It Worth It?

Is Osiris: New Dawn worth it!?

Like most games, it depends what you’re looking for. Don’t consider this game if you’re looking for fast-paced, dive into the deep end sort of games. This game is a gradual, rewarding experience, where hard work pays off. Surviving being the main aim.

As Osiris: New Dawn is still in it’s pre-release stage, it would be unfair to judge purely from what is currently around to play. There are many things that need improvement such as the storyline needs to be completed properly, the fuel issue may be tweaked so that players can enjoy the benefits of their hard work moreso, frame drops need to be fixed and improvement on diversity of base making objects.

Despite all of the drawbacks, the positives definitely outweigh the negatives here, and with so much fun to be had trying to survive on undiscovered planets, the negatives all become insignificant.

Yes, it is worth it. But keep your eyes peeled for the release, because we expect a polished version!

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