We love horror games, whether it’s survival horror or simply general horror games.

If you’re looking for some top games to help get you good and scared, or simply in the spooky horror mood then here are 13 games you shouldn’t miss!

    Scariest Horror Games:

    Reader beware, some of these games are going to literally scare the pants off of you. While some are simply great survival horror games, others are straight up creepy. There’s no secret formula to creating a great scary horror game, so be prepared to see a great diversity here.

    Last of all, if you’re going to play some of these titles alone, you do so at your own risk!

  • 13.

    Friday the 13th

  • How could we do a list about scary horror games without actually mentioning the game ‘Friday the 13th’.

    You play as either one of the counselors or as Jason Voorhees, as Jason you need to hunt down the counselors before they can escape. You have to kill them all, and prevent them from either escaping in a car or informing the police for a rescue.

    As a counselor, your job is the opposite. Escape the killer and avoid detection while you’re working on hatching your escape plan… It’s not easy, and the scares come from the heart-in-your-mouth moments when you’re being chased or just narrowly avoiding detection.

  • 12.

    Silent Hill

  • The original Silent Hill game was revolutionary, and it stemmed a number of great follow-up games as well as a movie series. A lot of people seem to either be a silent hill fan or a resident evil fan, probably because these games were vying as contenders for the best horror series unopposed for so long.

    For us we still think that the psychological horror aspects of Silent Hill put it miles above so many other games from its time. It’s without a doubt one of the best horror games ever made, and so if you have the chance to grab this game you’ve got to to do it… Scares are guaranteed, regardless of how dated the graphics look now.

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  • 11.

    Slender: The Arrival

  • If you’re a fan of the slenderman mythos then this game is possibly the top pick for you. There have been a lot of slender games, but none of them really did a good job at creating a game that felt seamless while also providing actual scares. This game did all those things, and is worth a go even for an uninitiated horror fan.

  • 10.

    Five Nights At Freddy’s

  • The original Five Nights At Freddy’s game is available at a great price, and it creates an atmosphere of utter tension. The tension is so palpable, that you’ll begin feeling anxious and panicked almost immediately. While the game doesn’t have a lot of gameplay to it, it’s utterly terrifying, an unmissable experience.

  • 9.

    The Forest

  • This first-person open world survival game is a really unique horror experience. As a survival horror, it does things a little bit differently to a lot of games on this list.

    For starters, base-building and defense crafting are critical to your survival. If you can’t sleep, cook or find fresh water you’ll soon become weak and die of exposure. Either because you can’t hunt, or worse, because you get captured or killed.

    If you’ve ever watched the movie ‘The Descent’ then you’ll get major vibes here, the creatures are so similar and yes, you’ll be dragged into the depths if you get captured. If you get killed, then it’s probably a long way back to your base. The game is no slouch given that it’s actually pretty damn difficult and there’s a lot to learn about mastering this game if you want to do well in it.

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  • 8.

    Alien: Isolation

  • A sci-fi survival horror, this game is centered around the investigation into the disappearance of Ripley, by her daughter Amanda Ripley some 15 years after the events of the original movie.

    The game mostly focuses on stealth and intelligent planning and trickery in order to outwit the single alien onboard the ship. This alien is hunting you down, so you need to stay ahead and stay alive while finding a way to escape.

    While you can get your hands on weapons, these should only be used in emergency situations, meaning that the game is giving you a little bit of a helping hand, acknowledging that you are going to encounter the alien multiple times. Generally, it’s a nerve-wracking experience that preys on all of our primal fears of being prey / hunted more than anything else to deliver the scares.

  • 7.

    Layers Of Fear

  • A strange game, layers of fear is a deeply unsettling psychological horror. The game mostly focuses on exploration and puzzle solving, while jump scares drive the horror element along mostly.

    The game is unsettling for us, especially as it tells a tale of deteriorating mental health and persistent mental health issues. In that sense, the game feels palpable and real as nobody thinks they’re going to become mentally ill. Yet it happens, and in this game you’re front and center for the protagonist’s deterioration into madness, and all that comes along with it.


  • 6.

    The Walking Dead

  • While this isn’t a typical horror game, the journey of the story is truly terrifying, albeit for different reasons than you might expect.

    As you grow attached to the characters, the fear of losing them becomes a huge point of anxiety and a huge fear factor in every encounter. While it seems hard to imagine these days, there are also still a lot of people out there who genuinely have a fear of zombies. So maybe it’s time to face up to your fears and delve into a world infested by ‘walkers’ and evil, twisted psychotic people who are just as dangerous as the zombies.

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  • 5.


  • A Sean Bean narrated indie horror game, we couldn’t miss it when this game was released a few years ago.

    We were also well versed on the Dylatov Pass Incident, a true event that claimed the lives on 9 Russian students in 1959 on a mountain, which translates in English as “Dead Mountain”. So seeing a game adapted out of this, as there had already been books and films was definitely an interesting proposition…

    The game relies heavily on story-telling and the harrowing environment to draw you in and begin building the tension early. As you investigate and retrace the steps of the students, things start to become steadily more scary.

    It’s a great game if you’re a fan of narrative-driven horror games, the game has received mostly average reviews, but personally, we think it’s a great game and that it’s especially good given that it’s an indie title.

  • 4.


  • Soma is a first-person psychological horror that takes place in an underwater research facility, you as the protagonist are awakened from a deep sleep, and you’re forced to uncover the story behind the eerie facility that is now abandoned, except for robots that have evolved to take on human characteristics – not many of them good ones.

    You soon find out that the surface population of the Earth was wiped out by a large asteroid impact, and that the crew of the facility were the last-known survivors left on Earth.

    As you move on from here, it’s down to you to learn what happened next, as well as figure out a way for you to survive.

    The game has been lauded by critics for it’s amazing storytelling, and this survival horror has gone down as one of the classics for us. It tells a story of deep despair, isolation and the need to survive against all the odds.


  • 3.


  • We struggled to decide between Outlast and Outlast 2 for this list, but ultimately, we felt the first game was just a bit better and more scary.

    As a freelance journalist, you’re sent to investigate an abandoned mental asylum, located deep in the mountains of Colorado. We’re sure it’s clear to you, nothing is good about this situation for the protagonist.

    With no ability to fight off enemies in this game, everything feels that much more high-risk, and this just helps build the tension. Overall it’s one of the better first person perspective horrors we’ve played, and we can’t recommend it enough for those of you who are interested in stealth horrors where you’re completely up against it.

  • 2.

    Until Dawn

  • Until Dawn is a PS4 exclusive that’s possibly one of the best story-driven horrors that we’ve ever played. Since it incorporates the popular choices matter game mechanics it makes the game incredibly immersive.

    With lots of twists and turns, the scares turn from horrific to just plain psychologically unnerving. You feel like you’re the director of your own movie, switching from character to character as you attempt to help them all survive until dawn.

    The problem is, your ability to stay calm and rational are central to that goal. If you manage to have everyone survive, then you’re a better gamer than us.

    If you have the PS4 the game is unmissable, and we’ve recommended it several times on this site, as well as recommending more games like until dawn for fans like us.

  • 1.

    The Evil Within II

  • While we’ve not released our review of this game just yet, we’ve played enough to tell you that the game is absolutely amazing, and incredibly scary. We felt that the hype surrounding the game was just that, and surely it wouldn’t be better than the original Evil Within title.

    However, this game takes all the good bits of the first and makes them even better. If you get scared easily, please don’t play this game alone.

In Summary

There’s a lot of good horror games out there right now, and the genre is only heating up (especially survival horror).

Next year we hope that we’ll have a few new big titles for this list, personally we’re really looking forward to the upcoming Until Dawn prequel which may well just be one of the best horror games created for VR so far.