Release Date: April 30, 2018
Genre: Survival, Horror, Open World
Developer: Endnight Games
Publisher: Endnight Games
Platform: Windows, PS4
Game Size: 5GB
Average Duration: 10+ hours
Official Site: Official site.

The Forest is a first-person survival game, set in an open-world with a standard island map that has specific areas of interest and a few different biomes that make what you need to survive differ depending on where you go.

The game is developed by Canadian outfit, Endnight Games and is heavily inspired by modern cult horror hits like The Descent, Cannibal Holocaust.

The game is was given Steam Greenlight status in 2013 and is finally due for full release on April 30 2018.

The Forest Trailer


So a lot of people ask ‘Is The Forest Multiplayer’, the answer is yes and it’s also co-op.

The storyline however remains pretty much the same.

Your plane goes down on an island (Lost style) and there’s no damn sign of civilization. Except on this Island, there’s no sign of other survivors… Just you, waking up in the tail section of the plane.

You find some supplies, you grab them. Eat some stale ass meals that passengers never got to finish as the plane smashed to ground. Miraculously the meals are intact.

As you explore the plane you find the passenger list, and you need to try to find the passengers. You also need to find your Son who was taken away by some native looking son of a whore. Well it turns out those natives are cannibals.

So as you leave the plane you’ll want to grab the axe and get the heck out of there.

From there the majority of the story you’ll experience is trying to just survive, and eventually build a base where you can then setup a safe haven from which to start to explore the island and try to complete your main objective – finding your son.

Since the game is non-linear you can pretty much do this in your own time, or not at all. Now without giving away too much more, because spoilers. We want to chat you up with some info about the gameplay.


the forest gameplay review

The gameplay in The Forest is actually amazing and amazingly disappointing at the same time.

You can build rafts and paddle them across lakes, or around the shores of the island… You can literally cut people into pieces.

Yet some simple things are lacking. The ability to go to prone isn’t there, which is a bad shout for stealth players. In fact, even if you’re not a fan of the steal tactic, at some point you’ll need to use it.

As times goes on, more and more cannibals will start to convene on your location if you have a base. You can build effigies to try and keep them away, but it only helps so much.

So yes crafting is a part of the game too, and while it’s no Minecraft or RUST the crafting is pretty cool. You can build traps, different kinds of weapons, treehouses and like we already mentioned… Giant rafts.

There’s a lot of cool things you can do in this game, and the gameplay only betrays the game due to the fact the game has been mostly built by just four people.

You’ll find it easy to compare The Forest to other games when you’re thinking of what its done wrong. Such as basic combat, with suspect combat mechanics, but what you will struggle to do is find any games doing what The Forest is doing right.

After a while though, you do start to get bored and that’s because one day to the next becomes the same exact thing. Gather resources, craft, cook or store the items and defend yourself from cannibals.

Another annoying thing about The Forest is that you can’t simply destroy The Cannibals at their source. All over the island there are caves, villages and settlements where you’ll find them in great numbers. Destroying these places would give you the time you needed to really get ahead of the onslaught that will eventually come your way.

If you want to revel in the destruction of knowing that you can play this game almost like a wave based survival horror, then you might enjoy the way things keep ramping up. Trust us though, it’s damn difficult and the noises these sub-humans make is enough to send a chill down your spine.

Overall the gameplay is cool, it just needs improvement if it wants to compete with some of the other games in the genre long-term. As was already mentioned, the game runs the risk of becoming repetitive and that’s something the developers need to address.


The graphics are fairly rudimentary at this point, but when the game gets it’s official April 30 2018 release there is meant to be a graphics update. So we’ll probably reserve judgement until then.

The graphics are probably about average even on the best settings. That being said, you definitely need a dedicated graphics card to play this game.

Is It Worth It?

Is The Forest Worth It? We have to say yes, it’s such a novel game with a lot of promise.

Essentially it’s only going to get better.