Release Date: 20 October, 2015.
Genre: Adventure, platformer.
Developer: Lukáš Navrátil.
Publisher: Lukáš Navrátil.
Platform: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U.
Game Size: 800 MB.
Average Duration: 3 Hours.
Official Site: Official site.

Toby The Secret Mine is an atmospheric, puzzle platform game. It was developed by Lukas Navratil and was released in October, 2015 to Steam. The game is also available on platforms other than the PC.

You play as a cute, demon-like creature named Toby, who is on a one-man mission to recover his friends from the evil giants.

Across the game you’ll encounter different environments and challenges. The ultimate goal of the game is to recover twenty-six of Toby’s friends, who have been taken hostage in cages by the evil giants. As you progress through the game and complete the challenges along your way you will save the little fellows, but some are more tricky to find than others.

With each passing level, the difficulty increases which allows you to ease in nicely at the beginning before things get too hard. Toby The Secret Mine likes to keep things interesting with a variety of different challenges ranging from memory based puzzles, evading monsters, timing-based challenges and sequential problem solving. This game definitely tests your brain, but it’s beautiful graphics and ongoing plot-line keep things fun.

The game controls are nicely simplistic, allowing you to learn and master them by the end of the first level. This allows maximum game enjoyment without wasting time just learning how to play it. Run, Jump and interacting with objects such as switches and levers are pretty much the extent of it. However, don’t be fooled into thinking this game is easy. Even early on there are some parts of the game which are extremely tricky and can take all your mental skills and several retries to complete. This can be frustrating at times, as progression doesn’t always feel too fluid.

Some levels you can breeze through no problem, while other parts leave you frustrated and eager to complete just so you can progress further through the game. For a review of Toby The Secret Mine this may not feel like much of a downside as challenges are what keeps you gripped and stop things getting boring, however at times, depending on your personal gaming expertise, you could find yourself tempted to rage-quit!

If you can find it in yourself to try and try again at the trickier parts of this game you’ll thank yourself as Toby The Secret Mine boasts impeccable visuals, with beautiful background scenery which changes frequently throughout the levels and introduces new weather patterns which can affect particular tasks. The sense of atmosphere created in this game is also excellent and easily comparable to similar games such as Planet Of The Eyes which is well-known for its ambience.

All these factors combine seamlessly with a pleasant soundtrack and sound effects to create and wonderfully immersive, entertaining game. If you’re a fan of games like Limbo then it’s definitely worth checking out. Our one main complaint with this game is there wasn’t enough of it, with a completion time of only a few hours.

The game overall was an enjoyable, albeit short experience and we’d definitely consider it to be one of the better platformers in this genre. As we said, if you enjoy platformers with a heavy emphasis on atmosphere and immersion then Toby The Secret Mine is a fantastic game for you.