If you’re a big fan of the post-apocalyptic genre in general, or whether you want to find a PA game with an open-world or a survival focus, this list is for you.

There is an insane amount of games due for release this year that we all can’t wait for, but the reality is that we can only play so many of them *Sad Face*. So here are our top 5 that you shouldn’t miss!

    Top 5 Upcoming Post-Apocalyptic Games:

    Working our way down to our number one most anticipated upcoming post-apocalyptic game. Either check them all out or scroll through to the first spot.


  • 5.

    Death Stranding

  • Endlessly pushed back the game currently doesn’t have a release date, but we’re hopeful after E3 that we will see a late 2018 or early 2019 release.

    Featuring numerous actors and the director Guillermo Del Torro, the creator Hideo Kojima (legend of Metal Gear and Castlevania fame) has said the game is dubbed as an action game simply due to the fact that there’s nothing else like it. Whether or not the game can define a new genre remains to be seen.

    Nonetheless the game is an open-world game that’s seemingly set in a post-apocalyptic, or at the least nightmarish world. As one of the most anticipated games of recent times it deserves a place on the list.

  • 4.

    Overkill’s The Walking Dead

  • As readers know, we’re massive fans of The Walking Dead! We’ve done several articles about Telltale’s TWD games such as our article about the best games like the walking dead, which will need updating once this one is out!

    This game looks absolutely amazing whether or not you’re a fan of the comic book or tv show. Hell, even if you’re not a fan of the telltale titles, this is something very different.

    Made by the same team that did the Payday games, this is another 4-player co-op which could well be the mature crown-prince that can finally pick up the giant hole in our lives that Left 4 Dead 2 left behind after Valve cut the series short.

    While other writers such as those at Forbes want to piss on the game because it’s not AAA enough, we think the game looks great and that it’s going to offer something that a lot of players will love.

  • 3.

    Fallout 76

  • Since writing the article this game has since come out, and it’s received a fair bit of criticism but on the whole we’d like to say that it’s a good game. At least on the PC.

    One of the main drawbacks of the game is that it has lost a little bit of the choices matter feel as you are thrown into the model of being a ‘good’ citizen from the get go.

    It is still a game where you can be evil if you want, but they’ve made it much harder to do so. Even preventing all out PVP at any time which has both pros and cons.

  • 2.

    The Division 2

  • The Division 2 is a follow-up to the popular original that was released in 2016. The first game was a solid experience that nobody should miss, however, the 2nd game takes things to a whole new level.

    With multiplayer optional you can team up with up to 8 friends to dominate the game, choosing factions to help control the environment which reacts dynamically based on the choices you make. The game has strong choices matter elements which are refreshing when you consider that a lot of post-apocalyptic games simply provide an illusion of that.

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    We can’t wait for the game and think it’s going to be one of the best experiences in this genre ever.

  • 1.

    Day’s Gone

  • Day’s Gone is an upcoming game for PS4. As a PS4 exclusive a lot of people are going to miss out on this one, but trust us it’s worth getting a PS4 for this game alone!

    A survival horror game set in a world full of zombies (so cliche but who cares) the real dangers are often from the people themselves. The game is truly open-world and the main method of transportation is motorbike. Taking place two years after the pandemic/outbreak you’re thrown into a dangerous world where people can get killed for no reason at all.

    It’s a game that will put your skills, morals and ability to survive to the test in an absolutely stunning world built by SIE Bend Studio.

    We’re hoping this game is going to be one of the best horror games in a long time.


In conclusion, holy shit get your money put aside because it looks like we’re all going to be knee-deep in post-apocalyptic damnation pretty soon!

Honorable mentions have to go out to The Last Of Us 2, Fear The Wolves and Mutant: Year Zero.