There are many reasons why your keyboard is important. Many people are now looking toward mechanical keyboards for gaming as well as professional reasons. With very good reason too.

In this article, we’ll be talking about just a few of the benefits and advantages of buying a mechanical keyboard for your gaming setup.

Why Mechanical Keyboards Are Better

Mechanical keyboards have way better feedback than ‘regular’ keyboards, this means they are more sensitive with less time between your click and the keyboard transmitting that back to your computer. When you’re gaming this matters a lot, because even a split second can be the difference between winning or losing a game.

While this may be the biggest direct advantage for gamers, there are a host of other reasons why you’d want one of these keyboards.

Better Lifetime Value – These keyboards can last a REALLY long time. Thanks to being able to replace the switches you’ll find that maintenance can make your investment go a really long way. A regular keyboard can only last for around 5 million keystrokes. A good mechanical can do 50 million or more easily.

Different Switch Types – We wrote about this in our mechanical switch guide, but it’s worth saying again… Different switch types suit different types of games. So you can build a great keyboard for the type of game you play most often. These switches also all look and feel different which is a massive plus for those who are more interested in aesthetic or feel.

Big Brands Are Catching Up – One of the things that have held back mainstream adoption of mechanicals is the fact that the bigger brands never did a great job of them. That’s slowly changing and it’s inviting in new users who only trust their money to trusted brands. In our best mechanical keyboards article we actually went out of our way to select major brands as we know our readers are mainly more casual gamers.

The Ultimate Experience

While some say that they are simply too loud, that’s not strictly true when you consider the different types of switch. In the opinion of many, the weight and sound of these keyboards simply add to the experience.

Whether or not that’s an issue for you is a personal thing, but it doesn’t detract from the other benefits. These keyboards are an investment, they make everything more tangible, they make your keyboard a major part of your setup maintenance routine and they make you a better gamer.

There are even great tenkeyless options out there for those who prefer that kind of keyboard, so in our opinion, there’s enough variety out there today that there is something for everyone.

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Simply put you can’t ignore the benefits of the mechanical keyboard, because while there may only be a few outright benefits, they are huge benefits that give you an unfair advantage.