If you’re new to streaming on Twitch, or if you’ve been going for a while but you’re still relatively new, then you’ll know that not all games are created equal when it comes to attracting more viewers.

The reality is that certain games are just more popular in the Twitch community, there are also games that are incredibly fun to play but not so much so to watch. These factors, plus many others have come to create an interesting dilemma for streamers about just what games they should play to grow their fanbase.

Some advice…

Before we get into the nitty gritty data, if you’re on Twitch it’s safe to say that you love gaming. Now don’t get me wrong, I love writing here on Breech, but sometimes I need to write articles that aren’t exactly my favorite.

However, I don’t exclusively write what’s popular. In fact I spend much more time writing what I love to write about. For streamers and vloggers the same should be true, above all else, play what you love.

Viewers are going to see when the passion isn’t there, and while you can certainly benefit from playing the most popular games, the best games to play are usually going to be the ones you love. So find a balance, and go from there.

Also, remember that new releases always have a bit of a boost when they’ve just been released. This is no guarantee of longevity, so focus on the games that have some real staying power.

    The Best Games To Stream On Twitch:

    Sage advice out of the way, let’s actually get into the raw data and figure out what the best games to stream on Twitch actually are… In this list we’re going to give you a solid number of options based on what’s popular right now as well as what’s got the most longevity.

  • 8.

    World Of Warcraft

  • WoW is a solid option to stream on twitch

    Key stats:

    Time Watched (180 days) – 6,837 years.
    Avg. Viewers – 13,864.

    This is an obvious one, people bloody love World Of Warcraft and people keep watching others play it. One thing that you’ll notice about the games in this list is that most of the games people watch in high volumes are games where you can pick up tips and knowledge to improve your skill.

  • 7.

    GTA V

  • grand theft auto 5

    Key stats:

    Time Watched (180 days) – 8,211 years.
    Avg. Viewers – 16,650.

    People love watching this game for the pure hilarity and carnage that goes on, while a lot of what people view is pretty much ‘vanilla’, you’ll notice a lot of channels displaying mods and focusing on pulling off insane stunts. There’s also an argument that people love racing.

    According to figures on Steam, people are playing more GTA V than ever, so this game is a solid option to go with.

  • 6.


  • overwatch on twitch

    Key stats:

    Time Watched (180 days) – 12,681 years.
    Avg. Viewers – 25.715.

    This game has dipped in popularity a bit, but it’s still one of the strongest options for streaming on Twitch in 2017 going into 2018. People love watching competitive matches, as well as some of the more ‘for fun’ stuff.

    If you want to stream Overwatch on Twitch then we recommend picking a main that you’re really good with and trying to get known for your skill as that particular hero.

  • 5.


  • counter strike global offensive

    Key stats:

    Time Watched (180 days) – 20,993 years.
    Avg. Viewers – 45,570.

    This absolute anal cavity of a game is hugely popular in eSports. While we don’t understand it, we accept that there are plenty of people out there who do love this game and it’s 5th on the list for a reason.

    If you’re a CS:GO fan then streaming this game is a no-brainer as it’s incredibly popular on Twitch still, and we don’t see that changing any time soon. That being said, unless you’re absolutely incredible at the game, you’ll struggle to retain viewers for a long time period.

  • 4.


  • Hearthstone is very popular on twitch

    Key stats:

    Time Watched (180 days) – 22,799 years.
    Avg. Viewers – 46,231.

    We were kind of shocked that this was so high up in the list, but data is data and we can’t argue with it. This game has one of the highest average viewer ratios on our list, and the games incredible popularity has been driven by Twitch as well, ironically.

    People are looking to pick up good strategies and advice here, as well as watch some casual strategic whoop-ass. So if you want to stream this game make sure you’ve got some skills! Especially if you want to compete with the eSports viewing.

  • 3.

    DOTA 2

  • DOTA 2 Twitch Statistics

    Key stats:

    Time Watched (180 days) – 24,888 years.
    Avg. Viewers – 50,468.

    This games enduring popularity, strategic elements and wide-adoption in eSports made it a sure-thing for this list. Coming in at 3rd it’s not surprising given that the game is enjoyable to watch from the visuals down to the actual gameplay.

    Again, like a lot of games on this list, a good percentage of the viewers are watching competitive games and looking for fellow gamers to network with and pick up some advice from.

  • 2.

    Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

  • PUBG  stats Twitch

    Key stats:

    Time Watched (180 days) – 40,326 years.
    Avg. Viewers – 81,733.

    This game is the newest release on the list, except it’s not so much a fad. If you don’t know anything about this game, then what you should know is it’s got one of the highest growth rates, and has one of the highest figures out there for current active players.

    The game is a lot of fun to play, and it lends itself massively to entertainment value, so you wouldn’t go wrong streaming this game even if you’re not really masterful at it. That being said, everyone and their Gran is streaming this game right now. So find a way to stand out!

  • 1.

    League Of Legends

  • league of legends is the most viewed twitch game

    Key stats:

    Time Watched (180 days) – 55,455 years.
    Avg. Viewers – 112,452.

    Of course, number one is the most competitive game in the world right now and that’s LoL. The game continues to have one of the biggest cult-followings and the eSports world loves it. Competitive games are watched, but also people want to watch their favorite gamers taking on people in this game. Fail or not.

    It’s a truly complex game, so there’s always more to learn. Like with Overwatch, pick a main and get amazing at them and people will come to you as the go-to for that hero.

In Summary

To wrap this up, it’s good to know what games are being streamed and viewed the most right now. It’s pretty crazy to think that some of the games on the list are up there over other games. Some conspicuous by their absence.

If you’d like to check out more stats for other games check out the site we used to gather all the useful data and put together this list here.

In the meantime, good luck and let us know your Twitch URL so we can check it out!