There is an abundance of good cheap game titles that you can get on steam, but with so many of the lower priced offerings being junk it’s sometimes hard to sift through the countless titles that have been released.

Since we’re big fans of indie titles here on Breech, we feel like we’ve found a number of great games that are well worth the relatively small amount of money they’re priced at.

How To Get Cheap Games On Steam:

Despite the fact that there are a huge number of cheap titles on steam, as well as regular deals on games, there are a number of places you can purchase games for steam from for an even better price.

You can buy steam keys from sites like cdkeys, greenmangaming and other places. These keys are redeemable on steam, so you can buy the games for cheap, while still enjoying them from the convenience of your personal steam platform.

We highly recommend checking out these sites for deals whenever you decide on buying a new game as it can save you a heap of money over time. Here on Breech we regularly promote these sites by linking to these better priced deals on our game reviews, so we’re without a doubt big fans and just thought it was worth mentioning in this article.

    11 Good Cheap Steam Games:

  • 11.

    Old Man’s Journey

  • Old Man’s Journey was released on steam in mid-may 2017, so it’s one of the newer titles on this list. A winner of multiple awards, this indie title is utterly beautiful and tells the tale of an old man who can shape the world around him in his journey across the beautiful world he inhabits.

    The game tells the story of a life of loss, hope and heartache. The game is kind of a puzzle adventure game, but it’s hard to put it in any one category. It’s best to just describe the game as an unmissable experience and leave it there.

    It’s one of the very best cheap games on steam, and given it’s recent release, we feel there may be a few people reading this that still haven’t had a chance to getting round to buying the game. You definitely should!

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    Alway’s Sometimes Monsters

  • always sometimes monsters review

    We recently talked about this game on our best choices matter games list, it’s a pixel-style game that throws you into a bizarre story where your moral choices shape the story.

    It’s almost like a bit of a sim game, in the sense that you need to earn money, buy items to survive such as food and water.

    The game has a bit of a funky vibe to it, and it feels almost retro in it’s style. It’s an enjoyable game and it definitely deserves a place on this list, simply for the fact that it’s one of the best choices matter games we’ve played and the price is extremely good.

  • 9.

    Back To Bed

  • Back To Bed is a short adventure, puzzle game that was released back in 2014. For some reason the game hasn’t got as much attention recently as it deserves, but this surreal masterpiece is an interesting game for a lot of reasons.

    You must lead Bob, the sleepwalker back to his bed via his guardian Subob, a strange dog-like creature that guides him through the dangerous and complex environments that you’re presented with.

    It’s a fantastic game and when we drafted this list, it’s currently one of the cheapest games on this list on the steam platform. So we can’t think of a good reason not to try this game if you’re a fan of puzzle-like games that are also set in incredibly interesting and surreal atmospheric environments.

  • 8.

    Don’t Starve

  • dont starve review

    Don’t Starve is a top-down survival game, it’s got a unique artistic style akin to Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas that drew in droves of players.

    The staying power of the game is the extremely hard survival element, if you die, you have to start the game over.

    All we can say is it’s one of the best games in that genre and a genuine contender against games like Minecraft and Terraria.

  • 7.

    Emily Is Away Too

  • Emily Is Away Too is a narrative choices-matter game. Where you’re transported back to 2006. ‘Facenook’ features mildly, as well as ‘YouToob’, but most of the game centers around messaging on an old instant messaging service that resembles MSN, ICQ and AIM.

    You talk to two girls, with multiple-choices for your responses, and there’s supposedly a huge number of potential endings. Things didn’t go too well for us, but the game was still an addicting experience and for the price you really need to give it a go.

  • 6.


  • trine review

    Trine is an adventure, hack and slash game that’s so much more. It’s heavy on puzzle-like elements and has a deep lore of its own.

    The game is beautiful and it’s spawned a trilogy, so you can bet that the game is damn good. For a platformer, it was one of the first that really re-invigorated our interest in these kinds of games. At the time of its release it really set the stage for games that have come since, and it’s very much a game that people of any age can enjoy.

  • 5.


  • Undertale is another hugely popular game that’s been recognized for its unique style and gameplay, you’re transported to the underworld and need to venture your way back to the surface, ‘real life’.

    You make choices as you go, such as choosing whether to kill your way through this hell, or simply avoid or even befriend the demons and creatures you encounter. Whatever your choice, there are long lasting consequences as well as immediate ones.

    It’s a fantastic game that’s got so much critical acclaim, and it’s cheap as chips, so you really have no excuse not to try it out.

  • 4.

    Five Nights At Freddy’s

  • five nights at freddys review

    This game is just creepy as hell, in fact when we played it we had to turn it off after the first ten minutes just to get ahold of ourselves.

    Five Nights At Freddy’s is a survival, horror indie game that focuses more on suspense and timing, as well as reactions for its gameplay.

    There’s not a lot you need to do, just check security cameras and lock doors in the right order to prevent the creepy ‘animals’ from getting to you and presumably murdering you in a way more gruesome than Jigsaw could imagine.

    It’s an unmissable game for the price and we very highly recommend it!

  • 3.

    The Forest

  • The Forest is an ambitious title, that fits somewhere between a minecraft style game, with crafting and building aplenty mixed in with some hardcore horror survival elements.

    This game is extremely addictive, and there’s not a lot we can say about it other than it’s an unmissable title given how fantastic the price is.

    You need to keep your wits about you in this game, and try your very best to survive, because everything is against you and there’s no sign of rescue, will you become the hunter or the hunted. It’s up to you.

  • 2.


  • firewatch review

    Firewatch is one of our absolute favorite games to have come out in the last couple of years, we even wrote an article exploring more games like firewatch, to help those of you who were suffering major withdrawal like us.

    You play as Henry, a man who has suffered unimaginable loss, who has decided to find himself as he spends the summer of 1989 as a lookout in the Shoshone national park.

    What happens next is a set of events that spark a creepy mystery that tests your courage to the max, with only your supervisor to talk to via walkies, you’re very much alone as you discover the truth of what’s really going on.

    If the plot isn’t enough to draw you in, then maybe the incredibly atmospheric graphics will be!

  • 1.


  • This game got our attention because it’s a sci-fi game, and quite frankly we’re huge fans of sci-fi. So we bought the game after seeing the reviews, and we were blown away by how good it was.

    There’s plenty of scares, a narrative with the computer AI on the seemingly empty space-ship that you’ve arrived on, riddles and puzzles to complete and plenty of danger along the way.

    It’s a game that doesn’t take a huge amount of time to complete, but once you start it’s hard to not complete it in one session, and we can’t say this enough but it’s an incredible journey with an extremely crazy ending that you won’t see coming.

    We put it first on this list because we don’t think the game gets enough attention for how good it is, and we think that any serious gamer needs to experience this game. It’s definitely our number one cheap game available on steam as of this writing.


There are a lot of great deals to be had on steam, and just because a game is cheaper than some of the mainstream titles and mega games doesn’t mean there aren’t great games to be played.

In fact, we think that some of these cheap games we bought on steam are some of the best we’ve played!