We all love Cuphead, maybe you even picked this game up after checking out our review, so it’s inevitable that we want to complete it to it’s fullest.

This includes finding the hidden coin locations, so we went looking and we found a few good ones that have helped us. Now we’re going to share this with you, so good luck and don’t forget to share any more locations you have with us and we’ll update the article.

The Hidden Coin Locations In Cuphead:

1. Isle 1 Location

cuphead hidden coin island one location

After completing all the levels on the first island, a coin appears in this tree.

2. Isle 2 Location

cuphead island two hidden coin location

Behind the gypsy caravan near the old stone-circle / pond thing?

3. Isle 2 Location 2

cuphead hidden coin island two location two

On Isle two take this hidden mountain path…cuphead hidden coin location island two of two part two

Talk to the marshmallow girl and receive a coin.

3. Isle Two Location Threecuphead hidden coin island two location two part three

Talk to this guy after you’ve successfully done a parry four times in a row.

4. Isle 3 Location

cuphead hidden coin location island three

Behind the shop, that’s behind the ‘shop’.

5. Hell Coin Location

cuphead hidden coin hell

Behind the wall at the entrance to the casino.


Be sure to look out for more hidden coin locations and let us know if you find any, we’ll be updating the article as we find them.

Credit: TryDuctTape