If you need to find out what motherboard you have it couldn’t be more simple. In this article, I will show you how to find out in just 5 steps.

This solution works whether you’re using Windows 10 or 7 unlike other guides available.

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How To Find Out Your Motherboard

If you want to find out what mobo you have using Windows follow the simple 5 step instructions below:

  • 1. Open Run:

  • In Windows press [Windows Key] + [R] which opens the Run command.

  • 2. Type msinfo32 and hit enter:

  • how to find out your motherboard in windows 10
    Now you have the Run command opened you need to type in msinfo32 and press enter.

  • 2. Go to System Summary:

  • find windows 10 system information

    Now you’ve opened System Information you are already on the area you need to be on called System Summary.

  • 4. Make note of System Manufacturer & System Model:

  • how to find out your motherboard

    In System Summary you will be able to see the System Manufacturer and System Model information. Make note of these for the last step.

  • 5. Search On Google:

  • Now you have the System Manufacturer and the Model you need to search them both on Google. E.g. “MSI” + “System Model”. This will find what motherboard you have.

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    In Summary

    If you want to know what motherboard you have, the answer is easy to find with the method described above.