If you’re looking to make steam download faster then you’ve come to the right place, in this guide I’m going to show you how to actually make steam download faster!

Optimize Your Download Region

One of the main tips I’ve seen is optimizing your steam download region.

What you need to do is head into your settings, then click on the downloads tab on the left-hand side.

Then under download region, change this to ensure it’s as local to you as possible. People have reported switching to different download regions can make a big difference when they’re currently experiencing slow downloads. So it’s worth trying if nothing else!

Remove Download Restrictions

Allowing the default download restrictions to limit your download speed is a surefire way to not get your game downloaded as soon as possible.

Again, to change this you need to go into your steam settings download tab.

Make sure you have got ‘Limit bandwidth to’ “No Limit”, you can also turn on ‘Allow Downloads During Gameplay’ and turn off ‘Throttle Downloads While Streaming’. Once you’ve done all of that it’s a good idea to ‘Clear Download Cache’.

Prioritize Your Bandwidth

This was when I started to see real noticeable improvements in my steam download speeds, and generally, this has been a pretty good thing to do for my gaming generally.

So how do you prioritize your bandwidth?

The way to do this utilizes your routers QoS (Quality of Service) rules. This allows you to tell your router where to prioritize your bandwidth, such as for streaming, gaming or general browsing. It’s a really under-utilized feature that I was lucky enough to find out about. Which is why I’m sharing it!

In order to do this, you need to first login to your routers administration page. Since there are hundreds if not thousands of different routers out there, we can’t tell you exactly how to do this.

However, most routers have common IP addresses such as You simply need to enter your routers IP address into your browser. Bear in mind that this IP address is NOT the same as your IP address.

Your best option is to Google your router model if you’re unsure in order to find out how to login to it. You should also have your login information attached to the router or an easy to access card with your WiFi password that comes with most routers.

Next, you need to do a speed test which you can do on a site like speedtest.net. Make a note of your download speed and upload speed.

On your routers admin page, select the NAT/QoS tab, then the QoS tab. Enable it and then ‘Start QoS’. Leave everything else set to default.

Now you need to simply fill in the downlink and uplink values, these should be 85-95% of the value on your speed test. This is important to make sure that you do a reduced value otherwise the whole method won’t work later on. If you want to keep your internet running smoothly, don’t do it, seriously.

Now you need to create some basic prioritization rules. Depending on your router you might get an easy Graphical User Interface (GUI) to do this, or you might need to enter values manually.

If you mainly use your system for gaming you might want to give priority to applications, if you’ve got a lot of annoying family members who use the internet for non-gaming things you can even give priority by device.

Essentially, you need to make sure that you setup the right rules/priority values for you. So give it a good look and think about it before changing things too quickly.

Delete Temporary Files

I’m not sure why this works, but a number of people over on Reddit have said this worked for them. So I tested it out, and it did seem to give me a marginal improvement in my steam download speed.

In order to do this you can do it manually, navigate to the following folder.

User > AppData > Local > Temp.

Then you just need to Ctrl + A (Select All) and hit delete.

Improve Connection Speed

If you’ve not already got one, you should look into getting the best wireless adapter for gaming that your budget allows.

There is a better option though…

If you can connect via an ethernet cable then you’ll get way better download speeds for steam as well as anything else, while wireless adapters can vary in terms of their capabilities, they’ll always get blown out of the water by an ethernet cable.

Along the same lines, different routers can make a huge difference.

A standard router provided by your ISP isn’t going to compare to a top of the range router manufactured by Netgear. So it’s worth investing in at some point if you’re not shy of some extra money to invest into your gaming setup.

Fewer Asynchronous Connections

It’s a good idea when downloading with steam to have fewer asynchronous connections, background programs & applications, as well as more tabs in the browser, can really slow down your download speed.

I try to close off any programs I’m not using, as well as background services and it’s good practice to use an extension like The Great Suspender for your browser to ‘pause’ connections to websites you’ve kept open in your tabs but aren’t currently using. The great suspender is also a huge resource saver for things like your RAM and CPU Usage. So it’s great for gamers generally.

To see and turn off your background services you need to hit Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Then go onto ‘Task Manager’.

Staying on the ‘Processes’ tab, scroll down until you come across “Background Services”.

Then all you need to do is ‘End task’ on any of these that aren’t essential to be running, this means things like Adobe, Apple & Spotify in particular (all three are notorious background process hogs).

This should give you a marginal improvement with your Steam Download Speed!

Wrapping Up

These steps are perhaps the best ones I’ve used to really get the most out of my download speed. Also for general gaming I’ve felt that these steps have helped me get better and more consistent performance from my internet connection whether wired or wireless.

If you’re seriously looking for how yo make steam download faster then these are some of the steps you’ll need to take.