If you’ve been looking for how to move Steam games to another drive you will probably have noticed that the official support article doesn’t actually show you how. Instead, it tells you how to move steam itself, or change where future games are downloaded.

What I was looking to do recently was find out how to actually move the games to another drive as I needed some extra space on my main drive. If you’re looking to move your Steam games to another location, I’ll show you how you can do it yourself without paying for any messy software that could put your system at risk.

How To Move Steam Games Manually:

It doesn’t matter what drive you want to move your Steam games to whether it’s an SSD or from an SSD > HDD. This method means you can move games one at a time, and while it may be a little time consuming it works. It can be beneficial to move certain games on to an SSD for the improved load speeds while more casual games don’t need such fast loading times.

Step 1: Backup Game You Want To Move (Optional)

This is a somewhat optional step. If you want to backup your game before moving it (just in case) you can do that by doing the following;

Go to Steam Library > Right Click Game > Backup Game Files – then follow the prompts.

Step 2: Add New Library Folder

The second, or first step depending on if you did Step 1, is adding a new library folder.

Click View > Go to Settings > Click Downloads > Click Steam Library Folders

go to the steam library folder to add a new drive

Next it’ll open a new window and you need to click Add Library Folder.

how to add a library folder on steam

It’ll then open up a list of your folders, navigate until you find your new drive or a folder in the drive you want to move your Steam games on to. Complete the process by confirming.

Step 3: Move The Installed Game

Now for the last step, you need to move the installed steam game onto another drive.

Go To Steam Library > Right Click Your Game

Now click on Properties > Local Files > Move Install Folder

how to move the install folder on steam

Now all you need to do is; Choose Directory (the folder you setup in Step 2) and once selected click Move Folder.

click move folder to finish moving your game

Now you’re all done!


Moving your games on Steam into a new folder is pretty easy with these three steps. Unlike what other guides say you can do it all within Steam itself, and without downloading any unnecessary bloatware.

Happy gaming!