Windows 10 is one of the most popular Operating Systems developed by Microsoft.

However, it does come with its fair share of problems…

Driver power state failures and random freezing are common issues.

With such an array of problems, entire sites have sprung up around Windows 10. At BREECH we prefer to keep things simple, so I’ve decided to write an all-in-one guide to answer some of the most common questions.

Windows 10: Frequently Asked Questions

How To Find Motherboard Model in Windows 10?

People used to find it easier to figure out what motherboard they have on previous versions of Windows.

On Windows 10 there are still a few methods you can use. I wrote about them in our guide named what motherboard do I have.

Does Windows 10 Come With Office?

People always ask what programs are bundled with Windows 10. And of course, the popular one is Microsoft Office.

The truth is that it depends on what Windows you’ve purchased. Some offer a free trial, while others come bundled with the entire Microsoft Office Suite.

How Many GB Is Windows 10?

Here’s what Microsoft says you need to run Windows 10: Free hard disk space: 16 GB.

Windows 10’s minimum requirements are pretty much the same as Windows 7 and 8 were and due to this, it is recommended that you leave at least 20 GB of space for all Windows 10 installations.

Where Is The Recycle Bin In Windows 10?

Some people occassionally upgrade to Win 10 and struggle to find the Recycle Bin or ‘Trash Can’.

First of all, make sure that Tablet Mode is Off.

Right-click the desktop and click personalize, choose Themes, then Desktop Icon Settings, and check the “Recycle Bin” box to turn it on.

What Is The Best Windows 10 For Gaming?

I actually did an entire comparison guide for this one. The TL;DR is that any 64-bit Windows 10 is going to perform well as long as it isn’t SE (as this does not allow you to install anything outside of the microsoft store).

If you’re still interested in learning more you can check out the guide here.

How To Install Windows 10 On A New Hard Drive?

This is a really common question we get asked and we always reference readers to this excellent site.

When it comes to installing any version of Windows on a new HDD or SSD most people asking haven’t ever done it before. So a good illustrated guide like the one above is paramount to being able to do it right.

System Service Exception

The System Service Exception Error in Windows 10 is a massive pain. There are actually numerous potential causes, but luckily there is a good fix that you can try that has worked for us on multiple machines we’ve tried out for the site here.

Check the guide out here on MakeUseOf.

No Sound

I can’t recall the amount of computers that I’ve had delivered or built myself where the sound doesn’t work.

Unfortunately this seems to be a problem that a lot of people face on Windows 10… If you have no sound on Win 10 then try the following.

If there is one sure way to make me want to slap my monitor silly it’s the no sound error. So hopefully you’ll find a solution via the link there.


Well this is just a start to the common issues with Windows 10. But on the whole it’s actually a lot more stable than a lot of OS’ we’ve had from Microsoft over the years!

Please be sure to share the article, as I’ll be updating it regularly with more information on how to fix the hair-pulling issues we all experience at one time or another.