Fortnite is constantly updating and adding new content, keeping us all hooked and enjoying the many different weapons and objects available on the games island.

Displayed on the in-game announcements, Epic Games have confirmed the re-introduction of the popular “bounce pad” object. It was removed months ago from the game.

The trap looks similar to the previously designed bounce pad. The way it used to operate was either vertically or in a direction of your choice, depending on which pad you would find. The new bounce pad has arrows pointing in different directions, this indicates that it could give us a choice. “TwoEpicBuddies” have posted on Twitter stating that the trap can be placed on walls, floors, and ceilings.

The purpose of the trap is to either trick an enemy and launch them somewhere else or give yourself a boost. You can jump on them without taking any damage from the fall, no matter how big it is.

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Epic Games like to add and remove items to and from the game all the time, blink and you’ll miss something. Also launching around the same time as the bounce pad, comes the “Shopping Cart”. This is Fortnites only controllable vehicle so far. Combining the Shopping Cart and Bounce Pad will make for some fun gaming!

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