In April of last year, a talented modder by the name of ‘JulioNIB’ released a new mod for Grand Theft Auto V that gives players the ability to become the Flash.

Sounds pretty cool right?

Well, just recently JulioNIB released an update to the mod that came with a whole bunch of new superpowers and improved the old abilities.

In this new v2 update, JulioNIB added a power selection wheel which makes selecting a superpower super easy. Along with the power selection wheel, he added a hover feature using tornado hands, a feature to phase current vehicle, a player phase feature, a mid-air attack, a tornado hands attack, a “phase to ground” attack, the ability to grab pedestrians and throw them, as well as the ability to carry pedestrians.

You can check this in action in the videos below:

If you would like to get this mod running, you will need the latest version of ScripthookVDotNet and download the Flash mod from here.