It’s official, Blizzard have announced the 7th and latest instalment of the World Of Warcraft series with the expansion ‘Battle For Azeroth’.

The announcement at BlizzCon was welcomed with the usual cheers, and this time it really felt like the excitement was palpable. Indeed, the game’s developers were excited to let everyone know that the game was going back to it’s roots.

Instead of facing off against The Burning Legion, like in the most recent instalment ‘Legion’. Azeroth is plunged back into the classic battle between The Alliance and The Horde. In all fairness, this could be the best thing to have happened to the game in some years. As while expansions have got gradually better since the series low ‘Mists of Pandaria’. There’s no doubt that some of the original flavor has still been conspicuous by it’s absence.


What We Know

So far there’s still not a lot that we know, except that after the successful defeat of The Burning Legion, trust between the Alliance and the Horde is once again at an all-time low.

The banners are called, and the battle begins again.


– Level cap increase to 120.
– Six new playable races.
– Improved textures.
– New Areas – Kul Tiras & Zandalar.
– Dozens of new uncharted islands to explore and discover.
– New 20-player cooperative battles for key strategic locations.
– New dungeons and the usual new content you’d expect.

Generally there’s a lot more changes coming our way, and it’s pretty exciting to think that we’re returning to the heart of Azeroth in this latest expansion.

To find out more about the changes and what to expect, check out the official site here.

Battle For Azeroth: Release Date

As of right now, no release date has been confirmed for Battle For Azeroth. However on the official site they are gearing up for Beta-testing soon. So if you’re a hardcore fan we’d definitely suggest getting on the waiting list for that.


Battle For Azeroth sounds like a solid expansion and we personally can’t wait. Going back to Azeroth as a Demon Hunter has some appeal right? Not to mention the new races which are going to make the game more diverse than ever, and shit we hope to see the Pandaren become extinct pretty soon!