Finding affordable gaming chairs in 2018 can be difficult. For a lot of reasons.

The first piece of advice you never see when this question is asked is ‘can you afford better?’. With gaming chairs, you get what you pay for. If you are in the market for a good quality gaming chair, save a little more, and go upmarket. Cheap gaming chairs are a false economy.

Often, a cheap gaming chair might look pretty but it’s no better than a dining room chair. With most chairs under $150’s, don’t expect:

  • – Advanced lumbar technology
  • – Good quality neck support
  • – Durable materials.

A gaming chair is not only meant to be comfortable, it’s supposed to improve posture. The right chair will super-size your gaming experience, making you a better gamer. Is saving a few dollars worth it? Not that cheap and affordable are the same thing…

I speak from experience. I’ve fallen into the same trap before. I’ve had my eyes turned by a good-looking price tag. The result is, you end up being unhappy every time you sit down to a game. Which means you are much likely to go out and buy another chair, a better chair. The bottom line is it’s better to buy the right chair the first time.

For some people, it’s not an option to buy the best chair the first time around. If you are working on a budget, and need something affordable… I’ve done the research to find quality, affordable gaming chairs that are better than most. If this is you, read on.

The Best Affordable Chairs For Those On A Budget:

this giantex chair makes a good budget option for a gaming chair


Giantex Executive Gaming Chair

Reasonably solid & robust

Well padded

Functional with rocking function


Let’s start with the nitty gritty and that’s a product with an overall rating of 4 stars. That’s about as good as you can expect at the price point. The Giantex Executive Swivel Gaming Chair. With a High Back, a Sports Racing Style design and Ergonomic features. This Adjustable Chair, in white, is a bit of a beast. It’s one of the best-selling chairs in the “Desk Chairs” category so it’s popular and that is a good sign.

The price point is pretty special. Giantex sell this chair at such a low price point they have to sell them in large numbers which it looks like they’re doing.

As a desk chair, it’s pretty comfortable and worth its money, but as a gaming chair, well, it’s not a gaming chair. It depends on how high you want to set your standards.

Additionally, the flat side-support makes it breathable which is a big positive for heavy gamers. The lower backrest is a touch limiting, so if you’re on the taller side or shorter side you won’t get full value.

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The best gaming chair under 250


GTRacing Ergonomic Office Chair

Reasonably solid & robust

Adjustable back rest

360-degree swivel


I know I sound like a broken record but you can’t cut costs with gaming chairs. But, if you’re determined to go the cheap route paying $30-40 more is going to get out a lot more bang for your buck.

This GT Racing chair looks the business. But it’s more than an attractive looking gaming chair, it’s also got a bit of quality to it. The additional pillows, tilt and swiveling features offer a lot more functionality than others at this price.

If you’re a little taller, or heavier and you like to game for longer periods, this is going to make the difference in comfort, it’s an extra $30 well spent. With 1 year’s warranty, you get some peace of mind too.

If looks matter and they do to me, this is a good looking chair. Dominantly black with blue, red or white trim you get a nice choice. I’m loathed to say it, but this probably the best choice when looking at a balance between functionality, appearance, and price.

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the homall gaming chair is the best cheap gaming chair we have found


Homall Gaming Chair

Supports up to 300lbs

Full year warranty

360-degree swivel


I know that I’m meant to be taking you through the cheaper options. I pushed it a little with the GT Racer, so this time I’m going to show you the best of the cheapest with the Homall Gaming Chair. We actually did review this chair on the site (Homall Gaming Chair Review) in the past due to how impressed we were with this budget option chair.

It’s the game chair world’s version of a little black dress. It’s sleek and good looking. No trim but a nice shape. The highish back helps with comfort and the PU leather is a cheap material but offers reasonable comfort.

The best thing about this chair is that it comes with a lot of the features you expect from a decent gaming chair, such as the 360-degree swivel, a good warranty and then the fact it supports up to 300lbs is a good surprise about a chair at this price point. I highly recommend reading the detailed review we did about why this chair is so good if it’s something you’re considering.

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In conclusion, if you’re looking for an affordable gaming chair in 2018, it doesn’t have to be cheap. There are some genuinely good options available such as the ones we’ve presented in this article.

Hopefully, you find the chair you’re looking for, and remember to share this with your friends if you found it useful!