If you need a more affordable gaming headset, then you’ll be pleased to know that we’ve managed to put together a list of top quality gaming headsets for under $50 that are more than affordable for any fledgling gamer’s budget.

Finding the right gaming headset for under $50 is a matter of doing some research, looking at the specs and comparing them with all the options available.

In this guide, we’re going to save you a little bit of time by showing you our best-rated budget gaming headsets of 2017.

What To Look For In A Quality Gaming Headset


A comfortable headset is so important, especially for any kind of competitive gaming. There’s nothing worse than a headset that’s too small or tight digging into your head. Comfortable padding for the ears is also a must for me personally. If a headset isn’t comfortable, I just don’t rate it as good enough in 2017.


Quality in a headset comes down to how good the sound quality is and how good the mic quality is. What features does it offer? Do the reviews match up to the claims of the manufacturer? These questions, plus more go into our factoring whether a headset is a quality one.


Value is the value for money you’re getting, does the comfort and the quality match up to the price point and provide good value for money? It’s a very important consideration when shopping for any headset, let alone when you’re looking to buy a gaming headset on a budget.

Best Budget Gaming Headsets Under $50 In 2017:

See our useful comparison table below of the best headsets we’ve found for under $50. We’ve separated them into 4 categories… Sound Quality, Microphone Quality, Comfort and of course price.

If you’d like to read detailed reviews of our top three, you can read those underneath the comparison table.

Name:Sound Quality:Mic Quality:Comfort:Price:
Razer Kraken USB43.54$$
Logitech G4303.7543.75$$
Sades A603.53.53.5$
TB-EF X12333$
Bengoo PC323$

Razer Kraken USB

best rated gaming headset under $50

This gaming headset is by a well-known brand who are known for their quality, so it’s no surprise that we consider this to be the absolute best gaming headset for under $50 that’s available on the market in 2017.

This particular headset is a really affordable option for anyone that values the brand appeal of Razer and also wants to get a quality headset that makes you feel like you can really be competitive with some of the huge budget gamers out there.

The headset itself boasts 32 mm speakers with ‘neodymium’ magnets. Which is pretty decent for a headset at this price range, you can also choose either 40 or 50 mm drivers for an extra fee. With a unidirectional microphone, you can reposition the microphone at your own pleasure to reduce background noise, heavy breathing and so on to produce a clearer less annoying voice for your team mates.

The sound is very balanced overall. You can hear distant gunfire, footsteps with true positional accuracy in the game. This is extremely important for FPS gamers, and I’d consider this to be the best choice for FPS gamers.

Connection wise it has a 6.5 ft long USB cable which is great for most setups, and it’s also compatible with the PC and PS4.

In terms of comfort it’s about as comfy as you’re going to get for the price. With adjustable size to fit smaller or bigger heads it’s more than adequate and a very comfy fit around the ears that still manages to block out a lot of external sound.

Logitech G430

top budget gaming headset

This is one of the best headsets for under $50 that you’ll be able to find. Logitech is a top brand, and this headset doesn’t disappoint.

If you’re a fan of Logitech then you won’t be surprised to hear (no pun intended) that this headset is equipped with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound. This is done with gamers in mind rather than casual users of Skype and so on. Surround sound is a huge benefit for a gamer since it allows you to hear accurately where the action is going on relative to your current position.

As far as the overall sound quality goes, it’s very clear and I was impressed with the overall depth to the sound. Hearing things from quite a distance away, leaves crunching and wind blowing is a sign of a good quality headset.

Where this is superior to the Razer Kraken is in the comfort, it’s far more adjustable to your own preference. The ear pieces offering a 90-degree swivel feature is a plus for many gamers, especially ones without a lot of storage space.

The microphone is good, but not the best I’ve used by any means. It does offer noise-canceling features, but I did prefer the more adjustable mic on the Kraken.

Overall it’s a great quality headset for the price, and the value you’re getting for that price is very good. That’s why this headset makes the second spot in this list.

Sades A60/OMG USB

professional looking gaming headset

A decent headset for its price point, at just under $30 this is what I’d consider the best value for money for those on a serious budget.

This headset has many of the same features as the aforementioned headsets, including 7.1 surround sound (like the Logitech) and the omnidirectional microphone (like the Razer). So it’s trying to give you the best of both worlds, albeit in a more affordable and therefore not as high quality package.

That being said, this headset does blow others in its price range out of the water. The surround sound does work, although you’ll hear your enemies approaching way later than someone using the Logitech. The clarity of sound is good generally, there just isn’t quite the same depth or distance there.

The Microphone is a good quality one, and you’ll certainly be able to communicate well enough with your team mates. The omnidirectional adjustment of the Mic does mean you can avoid any sound issues by adjusting it, which is a must-have on a lower end headset.

As for comfort, the ear pieces are made of memory foam and are supposedly noise-canceling. The memory foam isn’t as comfortable as other materials, at least at first. You have to give it time to get more comfy which is a downside for someone whose gaming is affected easily by their environmental factors. I also didn’t feel that they blocked out as much noise as was being claimed, but they certainly did a good enough job.

If you need the best value for money then this headset is definitely the one you want to get, however if you can afford it, it’d be better to get the Logitech or Razer.

In Summary

Finding the best headset for under $50 is a highly subjective thing, it depends on what you’re looking for.

That being said, we’ve narrowed it down and reviewed the top 3 to help you make a decision based on what those personal needs are.

Whichever headset you pick, any on this list is more than capable of providing you with a level of quality for your budget and you won’t be disappointed with any of them.

Finally we hope that this guide has helped you pick out a new cheap gaming headset that fits your budget!