If you don’t think having the right gaming mouse makes much of a difference to your gaming experience, then you’ve probably never had the pleasure of using a really decent mouse to game with. It’s like night and day, and you’ll never want to go back to any old mouse. But the good news is, a good quality gaming mouse doesn’t need to break the bank if you know what you’re looking for.

The fact is, it makes good economic sense to pick the right mouse. If you game “intensively” or for long periods, you’ll find that you’ll go through your mouse pretty quickly whereas, with a mouse designed for gaming will last longer because it’s designed to take a battering.

We’ve put our heads together and tried to pick the best budget gaming mouse, we’ve whittled it down to three picks, and after some serious debate picked a winner too. But, all three of our picks are great gaming mice, you’ll have a great experience.

    The Best Budget Gaming Mice

    Reviewing budget gaming mice and picking out the best is no easy task. One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is the type of gaming mice to include. People use a gaming mouse differently and consequently; mice are often designed for a specific type of grip.

    The three popular grips are:

    Palm grip: Most people tend to use this grip, it’s when the hand lies flat on the mouse.

    Claw grip: As you might imagine, your hand lies flat, but the fingers create a claw shape as they grip the mouse.

    Fingertip grip: You grab hold of the mouse with your fingers, the rest of your hand not touching the mouse at all.

    We’ve picked our three top gaming mice that embrace all types of grips while delivering in comfort, performance and durability. We think that all three are great options but it’s often a personal preference, so enjoy our picks and see which one stands out for you.

  • #3 Creative Sound BlasterX Siege

  • You might be surprised to find an offering from Creative Sound Blaster on the list, after all, we know creative for their sound cards, but this gaming mouse is the real deal.

    It’s a really good looking mouse, but more than that, it’s also well designed to make is comfortable for use for all three grips, which is pretty rare for this price range. What has impressed most people who’ve test-driven the Siege is how precise it is. It doesn’t have any bells or whistles, but it solidly delivers in terms of performance.

    It’s not the lightest, and if we were being really picky we’d say it could be better balanced but otherwise, It’s hard to find a fault, and it’s a pretty little thing and if you like your mouse to illuminate you’ll love it.

    Is it worth it?

    It definitely has some pedigree, and for this price, you can’t go wrong. If you are not an extensive gamer, and you are just looking for a budget gaming mouse to have a great performance with, and you love the way it looks, you like mce with cool illumination, fill your boots, you won’t be disappointed. Any critique of the mouse is us having to compare 3 great mice and needing to get really picky.

  • #2 Razer DeathAdder Elite

  • It’s the best name for a computer accessory, possibly the best name for anything ever. If If you’ve looked into the gaming mouse market before, you’ll have heard of the Razer DeathAdder Elite. It’s a good gaming mouse, but this latest version is particularly good.

    It boasts eSports-grade sensor and has the classic ergonomic design that makes it almost moulds into the shape of your hand. It also has two buttons under the scroll that means you can change the mice’s DPI on-the-fly.

    It claims 50 million clicks, which is great because one of the complaints of the previous incarnations is that it is as durable as others. It hasn’t made the top spot, but there are people who, even with more cash to spend, would pick the Razer DeathAdder Elite out of all mice, which says it all.

    Is It Worth It?

    There are gamers who know all about the options available, and take their gaming seriously, who choose the Razer DeathAdder Elite their go-to gaming mouse. They like the balance, the performance and the look. So if you’re leaning towards buying one, you won’t be disappointed, and you certainly won’t be on your own.

    It ticks the box for looks, performance and durability all for a budget price, what’s not to love, plus it has a kick-ass name.

  • #1 SteelSeries Sensei 310

  • This is one of the best gaming mice available right now, regardless of price. And that’s been the case for almost a decade. But just because it’s been around for a while, it doesn’t mean it’s out-of-date, just take a look at the visual design, it’s not only good looking, but it’s also really comfortable to game with regardless of the group you use, but especially the Palm Grip and Claw Grip.

    The Sensei has a sensor that’s been specifically designed for them by Pixar, that’s impressive. Both as a sensor and the fact that Pixar developed just for this model. It boasts some great figures (12,000 counts-per-inch (CPI) & 1-to-1 tracking 500 CPI) and what’s most impressive is that these figures are backed up with independent testing.

    It offers a 50 million click lifespan, and it does all this at a price that makes it a real no-brainer. That means it’s a very cost-effective investment and definitely obtainable for most gamers.

    Is It Worth It?

    I think most people who use this mouse would agree, they could double the price, and it would still be worth it. Very comfortable to use, very impressive in terms of performance and really well balanced. It doesn’t hurt that it’s really attractive looking mouse too.

    It tops our list because we wanted to find a mouse that people would buy at any price, and we feel that SteelSeries Sensei 310 is exactly that gaming mouse. In a very competitive market, it stands a tiny bit taller than others.


What’s great about mice we’ve picked out for you, is that genuinely, a lot of people would pick them as their go-to mouse based on performance or looks or both, not because they’re affordable. That’s how competitive they are.

We’ve picked the Sensei as our top pick because overall, it is marginally better, but it’s completely subjective because all three are truly excellent. They are so well designed, you’ll feel comfortable gaming with them regardless of your preferred grip. They also offer great performance and more than acceptable levels of durability.

Pick any one of these mice, and you won’t regret it.