Whether you’re just starting out, ready to make your first gaming video on YouTube, or if you are a veteran livestreamer and have a large fanbase & subscribers, you will need a good microphone to capture your audio. Using standard built-in microphones will give you poor quality results, so it’s imperative to invest in something better. Depending on your budget, you can improve the quality of audio for very cheap, or splash out on something a little more impressive. Whatever it is you’re aiming to achieve, try our list of Best Microphones For streaming And Gaming!

Best Gaming Microphones

This list includes The Best Microphones for Low Budgets, Expensive Budgets, and Mid-Range Budgets. Obviously it depends how serious you are, and of course, they can all be used to capture audio for other things as well as gaming.

The Best Microphone For A Low Budget

the best budget gaming microphone under 100


Zalman ZM-Mic1 Headphone Microphone

Sampling Rate: N/A

Frequency Response: N/A


The most notable feature of the Zalman ZM-Mic1 is that the price is so low for its decent quality. It’s definitely the most affordable mic worth buying and you will notice it gives better sound quality than the standard built-in mic on a headset. It works like a “clip on microphone” and can transform any pair of headphones that you already own into a full headset. Simply plug the device into the 3.5mm jack on your laptop or computer.

The Zalman Mic will clip directly onto the wire of your headset, and due to its position, it may seem a little quiet. This, of course, can be resolved by turning up the gain/volume, but obviously, you risk more background noise and static and reduce the sound quality overall. However, this mic does a good job of keeping the quality okay despite its low price. If you have an ideal setting; little or no background noise and a quiet environment, the Zalman Mic will impress you with its sound quality. Bear in mind it does pick up background noise and obviously can’t compare to more expensive microphones on the market.

If you’re experimenting with podcasts, gaming videos or livestreaming, this is ideal. It’s easy to carry and great for when you need to quickly set up a recording, with a long wire for even more ease of use. For such a small piece of equipment, the clicks and pops are barely a problem, and static is minimal. Make sure to browse far and wide for the best possible price as this mic is widely available.

The Best Gaming Microphone Under $200

blue yeti mic gaming


Blue Yeti

Sampling Rate: 16bit/48kHz

Frequency Response: 15 Hz – 22 kHz


The Blue Yeti Microphone definitely has everything the average gamer/podcaster needs. It’s affordable if you are serious about uploading high-quality videos, and has the best quality for its price range. One thing that sets it apart from other microphones is the adaptability to perform fantastically under most conditions and situations.

There are small foam pads situated on the base of the mic, this helps to dampen the sound of background noises like keyboard clicks and mouse movements but doesn’t entirely get rid of them. This always poses a problem no matter which mic you use, to help reduce these noises you can use foam or fabric underneath. The Blue Yeti has been designed for its use rather than it’s aesthetic.

A great aspect of the Blue Yeti is that it can be placed in many different positions on your desk and still maintain that high-quality audio. Usually, placing the microphone further away will add more noise and static to your recording, as the mic tries to compensate higher volume replacing the quality. In this case, the Blue Yeti keeps the quality considerably similar no matter where you place it around your desk. This is where it exceeds other microphones in the same price bracket.

If you’re a professional with money to spare, you may find it a better idea to splash out on a much more expensive piece of equipment, however, it will satisfy the needs and impress the average gamer or livestreamer. If you are convinced about getting this microphone, you can always check out our best blue yeti settings for streaming guide, which is actually a fantastic all-round guide for getting the best out of this mic.

The Best Overall Microphone For Gaming

the best overall gaming microphone, audio technica


Audio-Technica AT2020USB PLUS

Sampling Rate: 44.1/48 kHz

Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 Hz


This microphone is for if you’re serious about gaming and live streaming, offering excellent quality for a reasonable price tag. It’s structure and materials are all brilliant quality and this particular model is regarded as one of the best microphones for gaming.

The AT2020USB PLUS is a cardioid microphone, the sensitivity pattern is “Heart Shaped”, therefore it is good at eliminating sounds from different directions and background noise, so ensure it’s pointed towards you as you’re talking. It includes a built in headphone jack complete with its own isolated volume control. It has 20Hz – 20Hz frequency response. It comes with a USB cable, carrying pouch, a stand, a Micro HDMI output connector, and is compatible with Windows 7 +, Mac OS 10.6 + and IOS 7.02 +.

The Audio-Technica AT2020USB PLUS is respected in the live streaming and gaming community as the leading microphone of its price range.

In Summary

Make sure when purchasing a microphone for gaming and livestreaming, you consider why you need it, will you be using it professionally and need top quality sound, or is it just a hobby? Does your home contain tons of background noise, people shouting from other rooms, dogs barking, neighbours revving car engines? And how much can you afford to spend, is it worth splashing out or keeping it cheap?

All of the above microphones are definitely worth their price, and will give you excellent value for your money. Now you just need to decide which one!