If you’re also a huge fan of Minecraft but feel that it’s time to get your own server, then this guide is going to be exactly what you’re looking for!

Like a lot of people, here at the site we play a lot of Minecraft, but finding the right server can sometimes be a huge pain. So after a while we decided to just launch our own server (something we’ve done this year) and we’re keeping it private for now.

It’s been a lot more fun, and since we’re a little older, there’s less issues with immature players trying to grief their way through the game. Oh and did I mention that we have TOTAL CONTROL! Muaha.

Seriously though, let’s get into it.

    The Best Minecraft Hosting Servers:

    Selecting the best Minecraft hosting for your needs is going to depend on a few things;

    – What kind of server you need.
    – What level of support you require.
    – Additional features you want.

    And of course, price… Pretty much all of these hosts are really reasonably priced though, so hold that thought!

    When we were looking for the right hosting company for our server, we did a bit of digging and some real research first based on the above qualifiers. In the end we found two really good hosting companies that really hit the ball out of the park for all of the above.

    In essence, there’s something for everyone in this review, whether you need dedicated support or top-quality performance. The only real way to choose from the two is to prioritize what is most important for what you want to get out of a server, so ranking them was really hard.

    None-the-less here are our top two Minecraft server hosting companies in 2018.

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    If you’ve ever looked for game hosting for any other games then you’ve probably heard of these guys as they’ve been around a while now.

    GameServers.com provides a huge amount of different hosting options for different game servers. Whether it’s RUST or Minecraft, they’ve got you covered with easily affordable hosting that provides 24/7 support and good performance.

    The pricing here is a standout feature as you can not only share the cost with your friends easily due to their ClanPay system, but they charge you more or less money depending on how many users you want on the server. If you need more player slots, you simply pay a little more.

    Our choice for…

    Ultimately we’d have to say that GameServers is a top Minecraft hosting option. That being said, who should use GameServers over the other option on this list?

    We think that this host is perfect for those starting out with their first-ever server as the pricing is fair and the support they offer is available whenever you need it.

    The fact that you can pay extra for chat servers such as TeamSpeak 3 is also an added bonus as setting this up separately might be a little bit too technical for a newbie that’s only just getting going with their first game server as well.

    • 24/7 Support
    • Affordable Pricing
    • Chat Servers Available

    • Not the best performance
    • Larger servers can get laggy

    Check prices >

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    Minecraft Server Host

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    On MinecraftServerHost.net you have a dedicated host that’s only interested in providing servers to Minecraft players which is a big advantage over the more ‘corporate’ visions of GameServers (.com) in the sense that these servers are really aimed at providing the kind of performance and usability that Minecraft players require.

    These guys have been around for a long time as well, right since the inception of Minecraft as it goes, and the fact that they are still around speaks volumes for just how well they’ve done at doing what they set out to do.

    You can select packages that cap the server nodes so that your server will get the full allotment of resources that are allocated to it, regardless of the traffic (volume) of players on your server or other servers that they host.

    This is why we love Minecraft Server Host as they’ve really got their eye on performance, instead of what a lot of Minecraft hosts out there do, which is focus on squeezing in as many players to as few servers as possible.

    These guys have also put a major investment back into their servers by upgrading them over the last couple of years to include Intel Xeon processors and large amounts of SSD storage. All of this is pretty costly to do en-masse, so again it impressed us due to their level of commitment to the game.

    The main downside is that there isn’t as many options for data-centers. Most of their data-centers are located in the United States, so if you’re in the UK you can expect that the latency will be an issue.

    The other small downside is that the support isn’t as good, since they’re not such a large company as GameServers they can’t provide the same level of support which is to be expected.

    Our choice for…

    We put this hosting company as number one and not number two on this list for a reason. That reason is that they offer the absolute best Minecraft experience for players. Their servers are just on another level in terms of the performance you get out of them.

    However this comes with a caveat and that being that you need to be fairly comfortable with tech and also accept that you might have slower support response times from them than with a bigger company. Ultimately it’s pretty easy to setup, but still not as beginner friendly as GameServers.

    So for this reason we think this host is the best choice for those who want the best quality servers out there, that live in the United States (due to the data-centers) and aren’t scared by the technical aspects of the server.

    • Best Quality / Performance Servers.
    • Affordable Pricing

    • Only offers U.S. Data-Centers

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In Summary

In summary, it was pretty hard to pick between the two of these. As we said, we researched A LOT of different Minecraft Hosts that provide only the best servers for the game and these two came out on top.

We can’t really knock either of them for what they’ve done, they’re just two companies with different approaches. Either of which will probably suit most people just fine, but the specific pros and cons of each might just be the difference that some Minecraft aficionados are looking for!