If you’re looking for the best motherboard for gaming then you’ve probably got a good idea of how to build a PC.

The motherboard is an extremely important part of any build… In this guide, you’ll find that we’ve put the detail in to make sure that any gamer can find the best motherboard for their own gaming needs. As well as actually providing you with THE best mobo on the market this year.

GIGABYTE X299 AORUSLGA 2066Intel X299ATXCheck Price
MSI H270 GAMING M3LGA 1151Intel H270ATXCheck Price
ASROCK A320M-HDVAM4AMD A320Micro-ATXCheck Price

Best Gaming Motherboard Of 2018

the best overall gaming motherboard this year



CPU Socket: LGA 2066

Chipset: Intel X299

Format: ATX


The GIGABYTE X299 AORUS motherboard is possibly the best on the market right now that’s actually tested and proven. The appearance of the motherboard is equally as impressive as the board itself, with classical dark schemes throughout adorned by RGB lighting that makes this board look great in any display based tower.

This board has some excellent features and is noted for its overclocking abilities, with Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 allowing you to do this extremely easily. Not only does this motherboard actually allow you to use some of the newest CPUs on the market, but you’re going to be able to make them perform even better. The heatsinks that run throughout the board means that even with your own fans and heatsink additions, the manufacturer is trying to get the absolute best performance out of this board for those who do overclock.

  •  Fantastic for Overclocking
  •  5 PCIe 3.0 slots
  •  Up to 128GB RAM

Right now this board has got to be the best motherboard for gaming that we’ve used over the last year plus. It’s stable, reliable and offers amazing performance. If you want to spend big on a guaranteed winner, this is it.

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Best Budget Gaming Motherboard Of 2018

Best Gaming Motherboard



CPU Socket: LGA 1151

Chipset: Intel H270

Format: ATX


This Motherboard has all the bells and whistles you’d expect of a quality gaming motherboard while being a fantastic budget choice for those who are still looking for an ATX Mobo. Not only does the board look pretty fantastic for a budget option, but it’s impressive as hell performance wise.

  •  H270 Compatible
  •  Two PCIe-X16 Slots (Crossfire NOT SLI)
  •  Up to 64GB RAM

best budget gaming motherboard

One great thing about the MSI H270 GAMING M3 board, considering it’s part of an older chipset, is that it does offer VR Support. So if you’re big into your VR this makes this the absolute best budget option you can go for.

The motherboard offers some reliable performance, with the six total fan headers offering you plenty of options to cool this board so that it gives you some real longevity as well. Couple this with a decent Power Supply Unit and you’re all set to run a stable budget gaming PC for a while to come.

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Best Micro ATX Motherboard For Gaming Of 2018

micro atx gaming motherboard



CPU Socket: AM4

Chipset: AMD A320

Format: Micro-ATX


Not all of us have a lot of space, or some of us have gone down the route of building a smaller budget gaming computer. In this case, the best micro atx motherboard for your gaming needs is going to be the ASROCK A320M-HDV.

While it is an AMD based Motherboard, that’s no bad thing. You can get a lot of performance out of this little beauty, and as far as mATX goes it’s up there with the best I’ve personally used.

  •  AM4/A320
  •  VR Ready
  •  Up to 32GB RAM

best micro atx motherboard

Sure this motherboard may not be a lot to look at, but when you’re building with smaller towers, looks are never going to be up there with the pricier builds on the market. That being said this board has a serious kick to it and shouldn’t be overlooked. We think it is the best mATX on the market.

If you can believe it this board is actually VR Ready as well, which was a nice little surprise. The main downside of the board is that there’s only one PCIe-X16 slot (which is normal for mATX) and no overclocking features with the board… Again, it’s a shame. But considering the size of the board, some sacrifices had to be made. What I will say is that you’re not going to need to overclock since the board supports the most recent AMD Ryzen CPUs.

It’s a great budget option and it’s also the best mATX board you’re going to get for reliability, performance, and stability.

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