Updated: 25th April 2018
In this review guide, we’ll be comparing and analyzing the best x99 motherboards on the market right now in 2018.

Recently we compared the differences between mATX vs ATX mobos, in this article we’re going one step further by helping you pick the right motherboard for your needs.

What Is An X99 Motherboard?

X99 Motherboards were developed by Intel for their Haswell-E and Haswell-EP line of processors, these high-end processors are well suited for gaming and other intensive computing activities.

The processors that are used with X99 motherboards commonly include the Intel Core i7-Extreme and Intel Xeon E5-16xx v3 and E5-26xx v3 CPUs.

These processors are some of the higher end CPUs on the market even today, despite the X99 chipset being released back in 2014.

Benefits Of X99 Motherboards

The X99 Chipset was developed specifically to accommodate higher-end processors. These processors are ideal for gaming, multimedia, and other high-performance tasks.

The benefits of these motherboards among other things are that they’re built for high-end builds, they last a long time and offer a lot compared to cheaper motherboards.

These mobos are known for being power hungry, and this is perhaps due to the fact that they offer so many rails for PCI-E components and RAM, as well as offering a lot of overclocking ability. The components themselves are usually built with higher quality materials, and as such the boards tend to be slightly heavier.

These higher quality materials are used as the manufacturers of these boards know that people using them are going to be using more powerful processors, and likely more powerful GPUs. This means that these materials are used to preserve your components by keeping them cooler, surge protected and free of dust.

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    Best X99 Motherboards:

    We wanted to come up with a small list of top quality X99 motherboards that won’t break the bank, sure you can find a few others that are more expensive than these, but they don’t offer any more than what these do for their respective purposes.

    We’ve included one of the best X99 motherboards for overclockers, as well as the best X99 on a budget. There’s no question that there is a mobo here for every purpose, so we feel like we’ve got all your bases covered!

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    This motherboard is a solid board that will offer you everything you need. When we did this EVGA X99 Review it was a pleasant surprise for us to see that it fits quite comfortably in our smaller towers.

    We didn’t expect this to be the case as it’s E-ATX (Extended ATX) which is larger than ATX or mATX. I’d always recommend measuring things up first if you’re using a really small tower, but it was a pleasant surprise.

    We managed to overclock our CPU by over 1Ghz with the board, and that just goes to show the quality that EVGA have provided here. In terms of reliability, it seems to be a very reliable board that people have gone back to after newer boards having failed them.

    There are four PCI-E rails in total, but as you can see in the picture above they’re quite spaced out. This is great for SLI’ing two GPUs but doesn’t leave a lot of space if those GPUs are on the larger side. If that’s not a huge issue for you then it shouldn’t be a problem, with a bit of tinkering we did manage to get a PCI-E wireless adapter on there as well. Again, this will depend on the GPUs you have as well as the wireless adapter itself.

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    If you’re looking to build a lower-high-end spec computer that can last you for the next couple of years this mobo is a solid investment. It has everything you could need, a nice I/O and easy to change settings with all the features you’d expect at the price.

    Overall, Is it as good as it looks? We’d say it’s better than we expected, and that’s why we’re recommending it.

  • 3.



    With RGB lighting and heavy black, solidity this board is absolutely beautiful. More importantly, reviewing this ATX motherboard was a pleasure.

    In all this board is packed with features for hardcore gamers and overclocking enthusiasts, while a lot of people say it’s overkill for those who aren’t interested in overclocking and pushing a system to its limits we’d disagree.

    Even if you only have a mild interest in overclocking, this mobo is a great buy. Who doesn’t want to get more out of their system? You can make small improvements without having to know exactly how far you can push things.

    That being said, with the granular features that the UEFI offers it is no doubt an overclockers dream come true.

    For a more pricey board, we do agree that if you’re not looking for those kinds of features that you could perhaps get one of the other boards on this list and be just as happy.

    The one big downside we’ve encountered with this board is that a few people have received faulty ones, but this is quickly rectified with the warranty. Overall, they’re reportedly very reliable. None of this comes as a surprise as it’s a complicated piece of hardware that’s superbly built, and you can tell that just by looking at it and feeling the weight.

    Overall, is it worth it? Yes without a doubt, there’s ample support for triple and quad SLI and 8 RAM slots meaning you can run 128gb of RAM. This board truly the best X99 for hardcore overclockers out there, and there’s no doubt that you’ll be happy with it if you are.

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  • ASUS X99 PRO Motherboard Review

    This is a real top of the line mobo, the board is constructed solidly with military-grade protection and anti-dust features which is helped by the thermal armor, that keeps it cooler. The whole thing is just top quality…

    This fact is further proven by the way that the motherboard performs. With very few reportedly ever being DOA and most reviewers touting how easy it is to just ‘plug and play’, it’s a smart piece of technology that offers high-performance to those who aren’t as tech savvy themselves.

    ASUS is known for their quality, and back up all their products including this one with a five year extended warranty. So you know that if anything goes wrong, it’s not going to be difficult to get a replacement.

    What we really love about this motherboard, is that for an X99 motherboard it’s extremely pragmatic. No fuss, no extra unnecessary features.

    The BIOS is great for those who are new to overclocking, and the fan control is a useful feature as well. It’s a great board for media, but it’s certainly built to target the gamers out there. With enough PCI-E slots to easily SLI two GPUs and 4 slots for DDR4 RAM it’s built to accommodate the typical entry level high-end gaming computer setups that are commonly built.

    This Full-ATX motherboard is looking to get the most out of the power it can provide, there’s considerably less of a power draw than other X99 boards out there, and this is in part down to the way it shares bandwidth across some of its base components.

    This is something that needs looking at in the manual if you want to use the right slots to their full advantage, but it only takes a few minutes to find out the optimal rails to use in the motherboard.

    Overall, this motherboard is a high quality board that’s manufactured with gaming in mind. It’s no fuss, no thrills – with a solid reliable performance output that’s great for novice overclockers and those wanting to try out SLIing for the first time.

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  • GIGABYTE X99 Motherboard Review

    We’re big fans of GIGABYTE products, and this one is no different. When we reviewed the GIGABYTE GA-X99-ULTRAGAMING Motherboard, we were surprised with just how good it was…

    This is a Full-ATX Motherboard that supports 128GB of Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4 RAM, with 4 PCI-E Slots. The design is very sleek and looks great in any gaming case (if that matters to you). It’s recommended to only SLI or Crossfire a max of 3 GPUs with this board due to spacing. Which is ideal if you want to use the other PCI-E slot for a wireless adapter.

    While this board isn’t advertised specifically for overclockers, it’s more than capable of doing so. It’s great for those who want to overclock and still keep things stable.

    The motherboard is advertised as being capable of doing 10GB/s transfer with SATA cables, so obviously this depends on the SATA cables you’re using (SATA 3, Quality etc) and your the quality of your SSD or HDD.

    This motherboard held up well for us under testing, and like the #2 on our list, it’s not fitted with too many bells and whistles. It’s built for performance, and that’s what it does. It’s the perfect motherboard for those looking to build a high-end X99 spec PC.

    Overall, this mobo is extremely powerful and allows you a lot of room to upgrade rather than needing to replace the motherboard as you add more components to your system. It’s great value for money compared to the other boards, and we actually feel that it’s the best budget x99 motherboard for what you get.

In Summary

Picking the best X99 motherboard depends on your budget, the needs you have for the rest of your hardware and your faith in the reliability of the motherboard.

These four are all fantastic options, and we think they’re the best of the best available in 2018. We hope that one of these is what you were looking for, as you’ll do fantastically with any of them.