One of the latest Gaming Chairs by Homall is a spectacular addition to their high-performance line, the Homall Gaming Chair is incredibly comfortable and the price is more than reasonable. In this review, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about this affordable chair.

Homall Gaming Chair Reviewed

Despite the price, you could never really call this gaming chair cheap. It has so many incredible features that class it as one of the best chairs I’ve ever had, and the comfort has been great for long gaming sessions.

Color Options

homall gaming chair color options

The Homall Gaming Chair comes in three different color options, white, black and blue. I kind of wanted green or red, but even so black goes with pretty much anything so I went for that. If you prefer white or blue then you’re in luck though.


The price of this chair is one of the things that make it such a fantastic buy. Costing around $100 depending on where you get it, I’d say that it’s actually a steal for a gaming chair because too many of them these days set you back hundreds of dollars (which we’d rather be spending on games or hardware amirite?).

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homall gaming chair features and info

This is pretty important when it comes to buying a gaming chair, or any computer chair that is used by hardcore users… We don’t really want a one-way ticket to snap city, so finding something ergonomic that also looks good is top of the agenda for me.

This chair is designed to be easy on your back, which is good since gamers tend to spend a lot of time hunched over. When we are actually sitting back we need something decent. The ergonomics of this chair provides extra support to the spine due to the adjustable lumbar support, and the headrest also helps properly align your spine. It’s also not too uncomfy for a headrest either which is important, as people tend to not use them when they feel like you’re leaning back on a brick.


The Material is PU Leather (fake leather), which makes it completely spill resistant, if you drop something it’s not going to stain or seep in so it’s really easy to clean up. It’s not the most comfortable material out there, but the reality is I’d rather have something that’s easy to clean then extremely comfortable and soft.


is the homall gaming chair worth it?

The Homall Gaming Chair has a 360-degree swivel, a 150-degree tilt limiter, which means reclining is safe as well as fun. It has what you’d expect in an adjustable height feature.

Where it lets itself down is with the armrests, these aren’t modifiable without doing some serious DIY to the chair. For me it’s not a problem, but if you’re bigger built they could probably get in the way and bug the heck out of you. That being said the chair can accommodate a weight total of up to 300lbs which means its as sturdy as you’d like. That’s a definite plus for taller, or heavily muscled gamers that weigh more than your average person.

To be fair to the review I have to say the casters on the bottom are pretty average, but they seem to work well on my carpet and I think they’d work better on a harder surface. Since the Homall can hold up to 300lbs it’s fair to say they aren’t flimsy even if they don’t look the greatest.


The instructions on this model are actually pretty good, which is a huge relief as a lot of gaming chairs are awful to actually put together in this day and age. It took me about 45 minutes to actually put the chair together, but I’m a little slow. Anyone that’s decent at putting things together should be able to do this much faster.


The Homall Gaming Chair is a top gaming chair for the price, you really can’t get much better for this price point and I’ve been extremely pleased with my purchase. I get the impression that the chair will last me a long time, so it’s extremely good value for the money and the comfort side of it means that I’m not going to be moaning my ass off anymore about how bad my back gets.

Overall I’d have to give this chair an 8/10 review score. I’m in no doubt that this chair is one of the greatest gaming chairs I’ve ever owned and a complete bargain for the price point.

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