The Nighthawk ac1900, more commonly known as the r7000, was the flagship wireless router from NETGEAR until the Nighthawk X10 was launched. So it has the pedigree.

Immediately, what stands out is the whopping 1.9 Gbps data range that the ac1900 boasts. This allows the router to deliver the very best connection throughout the house for meaty internet things like streaming or online gameplay.

This data range also allows the Nighthawk ac1900 to multitask without seeing a negative impact on performance.

1GHz Dual Core Processor

Offering a 1 GHz dual-core CPU it’s not earth-shattering like the Nighthawk X10 but it does allow the router to process data traffic without suffering from buffering or interruptions. you are able to play games, or stream the match safe in the knowledge that your experience won’t be interrupted by spikes in response times or won’t be affected by increases in internal traffic flows regardless of whether you are wireless or wired.

1.9Gbps data rates

As we’ve already touched on the 1.9 Gbps data rate is epic fast. it combines both wireless bands 1.3 Gbps for the wireless AC and 600 Mbps on the wireless N. Bottlenecks in data transfers for streaming won’t be a concern regardless of the band you’re using.

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What we love about the NETGEAR Nighthawk range is the use of beamforming which allows them to intelligently focus wireless signals in the direction of the relevant devices. What this does is it allows for increased distance and signal strength, it also cuts out any potential dead spots around the home.

Perfect for gaming

Ok, so the NETGEAR Nighthawk ac1900 doesn’t have the same nextgen pizzazz as the Nighthawk X10 but within the realms of current technologies, what it does offer is one of the best gaming routers available on the market right now. Its dual-core CPU is super fast and the hyper-advanced quality of service means that the ac1900 keeps you ahead of your competition giving you the advantage when online gaming.

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Quality of service

Yeah, it doesn’t sound very sexy but the quality of service is an important feature when looking at wireless routers. When you have multiple users on the network downloading files, streaming, watching YouTube, etc the bandwidth gets hogged. This can create issues with latency which is annoying and can be a problem if your gaming online having a good quality of service allows you to set it up exactly as you need to protect your traffic and get the best experience possible

Additional features

We love the fact that NETGEAR has upgraded the USB ports from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0. This particular model offers one of each USB port, giving you practicality because although the world has moved to USB 3.0 ports if you haven’t upgraded your printer, chances are it still wants to be connecting via a USB 2.0 Port

We really like the parental controls on the Nighthawk range as well as having a guest network capacity. It also helps to have a WPS push and connect function which is especially useful in a busy home with people coming and going. The three external antennas also help to increase general coverage around the home.


You can understand why NETGEAR, one of the largest wireless router manufacturers in the world, decided to make the Nighthawk AC1900 one of their Flagship models. For gaming especially online gaming there is no competition especially in this price range, but it’s also just a strong performing wireless router with great coverage decent features superb reliability and it looks good too.