Netgear is one of our favorite manufacturers of routers and other networking devices… But one thing that can be really confusing is the number of different products on the market.

These guys create a lot of routers.

While this is no bad thing as there is no such thing as a perfect router, only the perfect router for you. It can get confusing when looking to make a new purchase.

So when it comes to the R6400 vs R6700 vs R7000 what gives?

The Netgear R7000 is the oldest version of all 3, with the R6400 being the newest. This seems strange because a lot of routers newer models and tech, in general, tend to ascend (number increase) rather than descend (decrease).

Finding this out immediately made my job of reviewing them much easier, so I hope it helps you make sense of it as well.

Netgear R6400 vs R6700 vs R7000 Similarities

Finding out the differences between these routers is going to help you understand which is right for you, if any of them are. But equally, we want to make sure that we understand the similarities too.

1. Simultaneous Dual-Band

This means that a user can access both 2.4GHz and 5 GHZ bands at the same time.

2. Onboard Processors

Each router has a dual-core processor. The 1GHz CPU helps the router process data efficiently, which then makes your connections faster and more stable. These powerful CPUs are a relatively new feature for routers and it helps set the Nighthawks apart.

3. External Antennas

A lot of us care about this and these routers don’t disappoint those who want antenna control. Each of them come with external adjustable antennas.

In addition to these 3 core features, they do all share a 1Gbps on 4 x LAN ports and 1 x WAN port for modem connections.

R6400 vs R6700 vs R7000 Differences

There are a number of small differences that didn’t bother me personally. This being that R6700 had only a single USB 3.0 Port while the R6400 and 7000 both had an additional USB 2.0 Port.

The main or major difference between all three of these routers is that there is a difference in the data rates of 802.11n. The R7000 has higher rates, but if your devices work with 802.11ac (unless they’re extremely old they probably do) then you won’t have any issues.

Netgear R6400 Performance

The R6400 has speeds that can reach up to 1750 Mbps on its dual-band system.

The performance and features have been optimized for hardcore gaming and HD Streaming. This makes it perfect for most of us. If you work from home or do a lot of data-heavy work from home you might want something a little beefier though.

Netgear R6700 Performance

Another Nighthawk Series Router, the R6700 is geared to deliver speeds of up to 1750 Mbps.

Alike it’s younger brother the R6400 the 6700 is also attuned for HD Streaming / Gaming Purposes. I managed to have 12 concurrent connections with no dropped connections… So a lot of devices is no problem thanks in part to the dedicated processor.

The thing is that it’s simply not different enough to its predecessor, and certain people certainly believe the 7000 performs better in a variety of different situations. I can’t confirm or deny that but I will say there’s not enough of a difference to pay extra for the R6700.

Netgear R6400 vs R7000. Does It Make Sense To Buy Netgear R7000 over R6400?

Yes. The R7000 performs equally as well, and in some benchmarking tests it seems to outperform the 6400. A better price and all the same features it’s got to be the R7000.

Netgear R7000 Performance

Despite being the oldest of the bunch the R7000 Model is still THE flagship router for the entire Netgear company. That’s right, not just the flagship for the Nighthawk series, but it’s the most famous router of the lot.

Interestingly this router has outperformed the other models in our own tests, as well as the tests of others. What is certain is that Netgear got the message because in the last several years they’ve released multiple new updated versions of the R700.

As you can tell the above models are all named to indicate the max-speed they can provide. These constant updates of the core Netgear R7000 Model have it miles out in front of the others.

Netgear R7000 Best Use:

The R7000 was always designed for hardcore web users. Whether you’re gaming, working, streaming or a mixture. These routers can handle extreme speeds and are ideal for those with fast internet connections who want to get the most out of their ISP plan.

Final Verdict: Netgear R6400 vs R6700 vs R7000

It’s clear that the “older”, but still famous and still-in-production R7000 is the best out there. With multiple different models available, supporting up to a whopping 7.2 Gbps these routers are the here and now as well as the future and past.

Our top pick:

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